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Episode 10 chicken teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki or Teriyaki Chicken this is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the world I will show you how to make it

There are a million ways to make Chicken Teriyaki My version comes from a Japanese chef with whom I worked 45 years ago I will change it a bit I will give it on a toothpick Ingredients are: 140 grams of sugar 50 grams of sake 50 grams of mirin 40 grams of ginger you can use fresh, or ginger peels light soy sauce 250 grams of water Add water and sugar later sake mirin and soy sauce I'll add my ginger skin I will also use an optional apple to add nice taste to Teriyaki I cut it now chicken Leave some fat You can use chicken drumsticks or breast legs That's just my way of doing it how to do it

You can give friends when they come as skewers You can serve on toothpicks called then Yaki Tori I show you the traditional one marinade on Teriyaki Chicken is marinating and allow him rest in marinade I put on about 4 hours or all night long You need to control the consistency your glaze When the glaze reduces slowly it will take a few hours it can't be too thin or thick hope chicken on sticks You can cook in the oven or in the pan You can use vegetable marinade You can see on a spoon that the sauce is ready Here we have pickled vegetables, I will cover them with glaze using a brush You can use vegetables what you want or tofu The most important thing is create glaze on vegetables Very important is make sure that your pan is hot I will fry the chicken

Do not worry brown marks it's caramelized sugar I cover the chicken with glaze I twist the chicken just look how beautiful smell Colour I cover chicken glaze On the other hand I will add some butter for finishing They look ready I will serve with Japanese rice I will arrange chicken In Japan, they add dashi to the glaze if you have at home you can use I will add some mushrooms with onions broccoli and cauliflower It is there is the final effect, I added black sesame Let me know how your Teriyaki came out Thanks for watching

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