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How to make Chinese food at home?Green pepper fried pork+Tomato egg soup(Contains recipes)



Cooking at home today Green pepper fried pork and tomato egg soup From left to right: starch, chicken, sugar, salt, white pepper From right to left: soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking oil, pork, ginger, eggs, garlic, chili Sesame oil, coriander, tomato Garlic chopped and cut into small pieces Ginger cut into small pieces Cut the pepper into pieces and cut into pieces Pork wire washed with water Squeeze dry Add 1 gram of salt, a little pepper, 2 grams of soy sauce, 1 gram of soy sauce Make a body massage on the pork, let the pork absorb the seasoning and moisture Break into an egg white Continue to massage to make the pork smooth Add a small amount of cooking oil Grab evenly to prevent sticking Just like this Dadadadadadadadadadadadadada Open a large fire and pour the right amount of cooking oil into the pot

Let the oil moisturize the pot Heat until the oil temperature rises and pour the pork Then open a small fire and fry the pork and pour it out Add appropriate amount of cooking oil Pour ginger and garlic Open a small fire and scent Pour in chili Now need to turn into a big fire to fry the pepper Pour the pork into the pan and stir evenly Add salt 15 g Chicken 1g, a little white sugar Pumping 3 grams Stir fry evenly Finally, pour a little cooking oil to increase the color of the dishes After a few fry, you can load it Now start making tomato egg soup Very easy, believe me Chopping parsley Tomato diced Starch 10g 40 grams of water Stir well Dadadadadadadadadadadadadada Boil the water Pour into tomato Boil again and turn to low heat for 2-3 minutes

Pour the water starch into the soup and mix well Slowly pour the egg in the bubbling place Stirring clockwise with chopsticks Turn off the fire and add 3 grams of salt White pepper powder 1 g Sesame oil 2 g Finally sprinkle with parsley I taste the taste of the dishes for you ^_^ Today is my first time uploading a video Excited I'm stuffed I will come back again Byebye

Source: Youtube

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