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How to make CHUKAUNI ? Iपाल्पाली चुकौनी बनाउने तरिका I Nepali Food Recipe I



This is especially from yogurt & pototo so well call this CHUKAUNI in my Language so i try to make best First boil the potato in Hot water Onion i like Julienne cut thats why i cut julienne style small small you can make chopped aslo spicy how much you want i ll use this two chilly for fry rest one you can cut small chopped size no more fast my cut, but it's fine it's especially called Palpali(Famous district of Nepal) i done already all ingredients for CHUKAUNI you can see Green CO render, red Onion, Mehi(Fenugreek) main ingredients for Chukauni chopped green chilly cut all boil & pilled Potato in Deice shape My all ingredients are ready potato done mixed oinion green chilly as you like nothing more but main thing is Yogurt Normally 5 big spoon yogurt should little thick bcz i like thick Add 2 Tea spoon SALT Mixed well all now Hit the oil 1 Tea Spoon Turmeric Power, Then Green Chilly Main ingredients of CHUKAUNI, it's called Methi(Fenugreek) BOIL UNTILL FENUGREEK SEDDS BECOMES LITTLE BLACK YOU CAN SEE ALMOST DONE Feel Awesome smile of Fenugreek(Methi) Then Mixed with Potato & Yogurt slowly mixed it Now you can see my favorite CHUKAUNI ready to Eat Maked chopped Green corinder Done This is for You Enjoy Your Chukauni THANKS FOR WATCHING DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT BIG THANKS ALL OF YOU

Source: Youtube

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