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How To Make Doodh Ki Mithai Recipe | Milk Based Pakistani Sweet | By Aiman Ki Recipe



Hello and Welcome Today I am going to teach you how to make Doodh Ki Mitahi (Milk based Pakistani Sweet) This unique recipe is very delicious and easy to make It is something you can present to your guests alongside tea and biscuits Kids will also love this and can be given as a snack We will start with 2 litres of whole milk and boil well While boiling we must keep stirring To develop taste it is important to use whole milk Must continue to stir frequently to avoid milk sticking to pan and developing bad smell After boiling we will add 4/5 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice Use only fresh lemon juice and nothing else to curdle milk This is the best and the only way for this recipe, I have tried many methods andI did not achieve satisfying results as others developed strange taste but lemon did not Our milk has started to curdle nicely, we will continue to stir until fully curdled Later I will use clarified butter to achieve the professional sweet centre smell This is really good for kids as this sweet is very light and healthy and made with pure milk it is good to introduce this as a snack than offering chocolates

On my channel I will teach you all the dishes of Pakistan and worldwide step by stepfor those who are new to cooking or find cooking difficult can follow my step by step videos to help yourself to become expert in cooking

My cooking methods are very simplevideos will be easy to follow and most importantly I will share my very own Secret and unique recipes as well as knowledge about everything I cook Now that my milk has curdled and separated before it dries completely I will add some of my other ingredients 1 tablespoon of rose water 2/3 drops of kewra water (essence) Freshly crushed cardamom seeds, do not use pre-crushed seeds Use only from fresh pods Continue to stir well, other ingredients will be used later Now it is safe to raise flame to high because our milk is fully curdled and it will no longer stick to pan Our next step is when it is fully dried Once fully dried I will add 1 cup of sugar and stir well Stir and allow sugar to completely dissolve and become dry Once the sugar has dissolved well and dried we will ad 1 tablespoon of clarified butter Now I will stir and mix well until golden brown keep flame to high and cook for further 6/7 minutes Smells absolutely delicious just as you would when you go past an asian sweet centre It is now ready and time to take out of the pan It is now complete and ready to eat! I hope you enjoyed my recipe Please do try this it is very easy to make with very few ingredients I will hopefully return next week with another unique recipeteaching you how to cook something different and delicious Until then remember me in your prays May God be with you

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