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How to make easy cold brew dashi & recipe (Vegan dashi too!)【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】



How to make easy cold brew dashi! Hi, welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking! I'm chef KG In this video, I will show you how to make easy cold brew dashi

If you know how to make dashi, you can use dashi for so many things in Japanese dishes I will also show you how to make vegan dashi too Cold brew is the easiest way to make dashi You make dashi like cold brew coffee or tea You can get all umami flavor from dashi stocks without heating

You can customize your own favorite dashi Let's start customizing your dashi Here's some examples for dashi ingredients You don't have to get everything Please pick your favorite dashi ingredients

Dried kelp seaweed Bonito flakes Dried shiitake mushroom Here's instructions Put dashi ingredients in a jar Here's a ratio to make dashi 1 oz of dashi ingredients You can add 4 cups of water

For example, If you wanna use 2 different dashi stocks, you can do 1/2 oz each And add right amount of water I will mix 3 ingredients this time if you wanna make vegan dashi, you can use shiitake mushroom and kombu seaweed Measure water

Pour water in a jar Put in a fridge Let it sit for 6 hours or longer If you do longer, you can get more umami flavor Use a coffee filter to brew dashi

If you cannot finish using dashi, you can freeze it as dashi ice cubes You can use ice cube dashi anytime How did you like customizing your dashi? If you liked this video, please hit like and subscribe to my channel If you have any question or request, you can leave it in comments Thanks for watching! I'll see you in next video!

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