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How to Make Easy Puff Pastry Recipe – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 15



Hi Bold Bakers! Pastry-making is Baking 101 It is really important to know how to do it

Today I’m going to show you how to do a much requested Puff Pastry recipe that my Mum gave to me It is fool-proof, and it is so much easier than traditional puff pastry So we are going to start out in a nice big large bowl So add in your flour, and then a nice generous pinch of salt And then just give these a little mix together

Now when you look in old home economics books, they’ll always say, “chill your bowl, chill your ingredients—chill everything!” And it’s not a bad idea because it keeps your pastry really nice and cold I know it’s a little bit old-school, but it works So those are our dry ingredients So now, for my secret ingredient This is what will yield you the best pastry ever

Ta-da—frozen butter! Rock hard butter—this is my secret to scones, to biscuits, to pastry, etc Now, what do you do with the frozen butter? You get a nice, big grater Put your grater into your bowl And then, take your butter with the wrapper on it This is going to protect your fingers a little bit and also stop the butter from heating up in your hand

And then just go ahead and grate the butter directly in This could not be easier You do not have to get your hands in there You don’t have to get all messy The grater does all the work for you

So let me give you a little bit of science behind this Small, little bits of butter, all the way throughout the pastry, means you get little, tiny flakes—exactly what you want from a puff pastry So think about this Butter has water in it When you bake water, what happens? It evaporates, and creates steam

So all the tiny little bits of butter throughout your pastry will create steam all throughout your pastry Steam rises up, and you get lovely layers of flakiness If you have made traditional puff pastry before, you will know that it is a labor of love There is a lot of butter, a lot of folding, a lot of layers, a lot of resting—it actually takes quite a lot of time This is way less time

It is a much easier technique, and you get the exact same results So why would you not do it this way? As you’re grating in your butter, go ahead and knock it off your grater Make sure it’s all going into the flour Give it a mix into the flour, and then continue grating in the rest of your butter A little safety tip: when you’re grating, you actually don’t need two full sticks of butter

So grate it down to the amount that you need, and then stop, because this is going to protect your fingers as well So just save that little bit at the end Okay, perfect Now that’s all our butter, and with a knife, just stir in that butter all the way throughout You can see exactly what we were going for: tiny, little lumps of butter

Now we’re going to add in our liquid Now what I have here, is some cold water Like I said, all of your ingredients have to be cold Now into our water, we’re going to add in, a few squeezes of lemon juice Now you’re probably thinking, “why do you put lemon juice into a pastry?” And the reason is that it tenderizes the pastry

It keeps it nice and soft So it’s an important ingredient Cold liquid into our cold flour and butter mix, and what you want to do is pour it all the way around But a little tip is to just hold back a little bit of water because you also never know how much you’re going to need So hold back a little bit of the liquid, and then we’re going to go back in with our knife, and stir it together

If you add in too much liquid, the thing about it is you can’t take it out If you don’t add enough liquid in, you can add in a little bit more So just always be a little bit careful Now you just want to add enough liquid so you can see your dough coming together There we go, that’s a little bit better

I can feel it coming together Lovely Now I’m going to put my hands in there, and start to bring this pastry together For those of you who have seen all my other pastry videos, dough videos, the same rules apply for this pastry You have a nice ball of pastry, and you got a clean bowl

A clean bowl means you did it right Here is my pastry I’m going to pat him down, and I’m going to wrap him in some cling wrap Make sure that he’s good and snug So that’s it: simple puff pastry

Now I’m going to pop this guy into the fridge for a minimum of one hour, and then he is ready to use So check the recipe that you’re making, to follow baking instructions, how to roll it out, all those sorts of things Now if you don’t want to use it straight away, you can leave it in the fridge for up to three days Also, it freezes fantastically, and you can leave it in the freezer for up to eight weeks I baked off a savory pop-tart using my puff pastry to show you what it looks like

As you can see, there are loads of layers of flaky, buttery pastry This is exactly what we want I have lots more Bold Baking Basics recipes, just like this one, so make sure you check them out!

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