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How To Make Easy Sheet Pan Frittatas For a Crowd By Gail Simmons



My son's school throws a teacher appreciation event and I really want to do it I want to volunteer because I love the teachers

So the problem is, is that they want volunteers to cook (upbeat music) And even though Rachael and I have been friends for years, I haven't learned a thing So, this is the day I'm calling in the support (knocks) Gail Simmons is coming over

Yay! I'm really excited, I'm so happy to have the help, I can't tell you So I'm totally set up, as you said, You did a great job Everything's checked off the list but I have no idea what to do with anything I will take it from here, grab the bowl Here you go

I'm hoping Gail can give me some tips, some shortcuts, to help me feel more confident in the kitchen, I want to enjoy cooking, and I don't I'm gonna teach you this foundation, and then you can make it with anything, like the same rules apply no matter what you're using, so you can make a million variations Okay I'm teaching Gretta how to make sheet pan frittatas They sound really simple, and they are

Let it go, don't be afraid That's perfect, just like that (upbeat music) And then you're gonna brush it all around I'm always nervous when I have to cook something That's my first feeling

I'm really good at making chocolate chip cookies that come in a roll (laughs) Oil just a little The thing about making a frittata this way in a big sheet pan is, not only does it serve 12 people at a time, but it's really easy to do no matter what your skill level is There's no fancy sauteing, there's no fancy knife skills involved It's just about learning the practice of the technique

I'm doing two different variations with Gretta today so there's one sheet tray that's gonna roast some cherry tomatoes until they burst, or grape tomatoes Then there's another tray with broccoli florets and red peppers Slice down, that's right Perfect, now move your hand back You want to create what's called a bear claw

Okay So that the front of your knuckles are what will hit the knife first Okay, got it! There you are! Oh now I feel good Beautiful (upbeat music) Both trays are going to go into the oven at 375 and we're going to roast them about 20 minutes

All right, great While they're roasting, we're gonna make the egg mixture, which is a dozen eggs, a cup of milk, some salt and pepper Simple as that Crack your eggs on a flat surface, not against the corner of a bowl or a counter (cracks) And it's so much easier

Oh this is much cleaner This is going to feed about 12 people, but you have to think of it this way (yells and laughs) That's what happens Welcome to Gretta's kitchen Emergency

(whisks) (upbeat music) We're also going to make sure that we have some grated cheese that will get sprinkled on top, and fresh herbs like basil When the vegetables come out of the oven, and they're all roasted and the pan is still hot, I'm just gonna pour that egg mixture right over everything Sprinkle with cheese and finish with the herbs, and they go back in the oven for 30 minutes Ooh We're good

(both laugh) This is actually fun It's so easy The steps are seamless They smell amazing They look so beautiful

So I feel proud of it I rotated them halfway through Once they've cooled, we're gonna remove them really easily, slice them, and pack them up Gosh, amazing! (upbeat music) (moans) Thank you so much! My pleasure You completely solved my problem

You crushed it I'm gonna come and do your closet, I owe you I'm in any time and that's and offer I can't refuse Deal All right

You owe me one Thank you! (crowd applauds and cheers)

Source: Youtube

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