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How To Make Every Chinese Takeout Dish


[UltraVid id=242 ]people love this Oh baby but it’s going on a muncher oonski’s listen today I want to do something very special Chinese food is one of my favourite cuisines but I don’t really know much about authentic Chinese food I know a lot more about Chinese takeout which is like Americanized Chinese food not authentic in any way shape or form you’re talking General Tso’s the egg rolls I mean some things have obviously resemblance but I’m talking to Chinese food that I grew up on and over the years like I just can’t stop eating is I don’t only eat out much but I’ve been craving those flavors I’m sure some of you guys are in a similar situation show them to show you how to make all of my favorite favorite Chinese food takeout recipes here’s this thing once you know the basics of each recipe you can go crazy like we’re going to be making beef and broccoli so you can make the peppers and onions you can make sesame B orange chicken like you just you get the basics and then you see the cup I add a little bit of this then it becomes that so I’m not teaching every single recipe on the menu obviously but enough that you’re gonna friggin love it alright so check it out I’m making egg rolls and the thing about egg rolls is you should get your egg roll wrappers and if you can’t find them in the fresh section of Asian grocery store look in the frozen section even non Asian grocery stores usually have them unfortunately I went to an Asian grocery store and I couldn’t find egg roll wrappers I found these guys spring roll wrappers bring pastries that will do just fine I might look a little bit different but still delicious the point is that all this flourishes here is what’s going to get us to the golden land of egg rolls I prep some stuff carrots red pepper skillet with some of this cabbage stuff here get sugar oyster sauce sesame oil soy sauce and ground pork you can add shrimp sometimes I do that but the whole idea is you’re cooking this mixture down very quickly then you wrap it and you fry them and you’re good to go the one thing we haven’t seen yet is the oyster sauce now I don’t use oyster sauce much I just tasted it it’s super pungent super flavorful like umami balmy on its own it’s not something you’re gonna want to eat when you add it to stuff you just get a little bit of it and it just does this thing – Bonnie where it’s like having a good time the walk is getting hot hot hot and the only thing that I did not show and mention which is pretty much been using every single thing we’re cooking is of course the ggs the ginger garlic scallions so get some sky in there a little bit of this remains minced ginger and then the garlic and you want to stir it around for the garlic of course doesn’t burn so the nice thing is once we get the other vegetables in there so kind of B garlic’s brand new protective I actually feel pretty good about that you don’t wanna go too deep just yet add in the carrots cabinets savoy cabbage so it’s like that’s big that’s a boy napa cabbage they call it it will wilt down looks like a lot of cabbage but that’s happening is gonna really wilt down Wacka Wacka long so what I’m going to do is just kind of push that over to the side Wasser big take advantage of that this is like if you’re doing fried rice you can fry an egg at this point I’m just going to fry that pork straight in and don’t have to be perfectly separated but it just helped it’ll give it a chance to get some color before it goes in there and once it goes in there it’s going to be more steaming from mountain that’s what that’s it for a second Oh looking glow oh yeah who is okay so you get that he’s trying to get a little color and stir-fry that a little bit more now this point I mean I could you kind of do well I’m just gonna bring it all together got a little carmelization which gives me that color soy sauce of course just like a nice sprinkle a small little hit the good old sesame oil remember a little dab of the oyster sauce not too much just like yeah I’m in some sugar sugar just helps bounce out all like the saltiness without like taking away just gives you a nice blend well that’s going to be one divine egg roll what you’re really doing is you’re building lots of layers of flavor which is just smart the main thing that I know about these rappers that they are much thinner than an egg roll wrapper so I’m going to use two of them they’re very similar means produce flour and water the other ones I think I can say have egg in them hence the egg roll but all you want to do you don’t want to over stop this again it’s kind of like rolling a nice little joint and you take that and you take some water you’re just going to coat the edges a gentle nice gentle to Philip s image a little bit coat the edges with some water or egg which I could use egg but I want to waste my fold it over once go over again and just trying to get liquid squirting out because that’s what will screw you in the fryer and then boom I can take this last little bit here add some more water it’s kind of like acts as glue yeah and just sit that down that side I’ll do one more look Lloyd is jumping away in about a known point six ounces mr. agro and mrs. egg roll so I just put them and walk a little bit of oil you don’t need to do a deep fry you could but by no means do you have to you can just cook them on each side oh my god they’re already Oh Lord we have glorious mess look at that already starting to look sexy it’s okay if you flip them over a couple times so you can just leave them on one side you choose or you can go over a couple does actually look like some tell the glories egg rolls right there right now he’ll die start saying hello again that’s like I think I was like 12 years old when I started hell as I get la thing you cook quick Wow they’re like this tight you and let’s get these bastards out of there you don’t want to cook it on too high or they’ll before like they fully cooked through they will get super dark so you want to be like a nice once you get that oil hot I kind of like to keep it like a medium medium low to kind of maintain the heat oh yeah let’s throw light like mmm mm-hmm sprinkle a little scallion to make it look like I care what I’m doing oh yeah you want to definitely don’t just fighting these try to crack them open because they are a steam pocket the hellish fire on your dumb if you don’t be careful hmm usually nature with hot mustard when they serve a duck sauce but I made sure the filling was over these are self-contained sauce piece so check this out I went to Chinatown I found the lo mein noodles if you cannot find lo mein noodles no big deal you can probably even use spaghetti and this would still be delicious what I find so gloriously beautiful about these noodles because they are fresh you literally just dump them in some water supply as in salt with that but just dump them in some water and in about 40 seconds these guys are perfectly done and cooked which is spectacular when you think of noodles usually like aa 15-20 minutes but no when they are fresh they cook so fast all I have to do is cook them in water strain them and we are on our way to lo mein heaven all right you guys now to cut vegetables but I give you a little bit of a breakdown got your red peppers again use whatever you got you see like onions peppers and carrots in there a lot see scallion just the other stuff with just cutting them in these like thin little strips no big deal just love the life kiss yourself carrot sucker I just cut this guy I’m gonna basically cutting these little slices ho sivappu Lipman excuse the bull Delevigne look at that I mean that is a very very simple way to cut something and make it look sexy on me oh nice zing zoom have literally literally Lambeau loom basically just you gotta sing while you cook for this guy I think what I’m gonna do you see this a lot I feel like in Chinese cooking like a piece that’s kind of looks like that you call it dice or something I’ll know but you see that put that on the plate and then I’m pretty much as ready to go once the food is hot okay so for this little man I’m doing pork and this is actually pork loin which the cool thing about pork loin is it’s affordable and it’s delicious it’s not one of those things you like cook for a long time it’s got a good tender good flavor to it I want to have a piece like that and I can just cut these long thin strips which you’ll see a lot of times in romaine there’s long thin strips of pork they’re gonna fry up super fast and super glorious look see little porky porky porky porky get this guy get nice and hot pop pop oh smoking pork going in now we’re gonna get crazy and funkify this on bitch up onions carrot a tapioca great I’m going to add in scallions because you can’t have Chinese cooking without the scallywags if you love this thing let this be my hand one hour I think if I shot Captain Hook if I’d let Peter Pan or the crocodile and lost my hand I’d probably opt for like a spatula instead of a hook or maybe cut out a knife that scare people maybe Tong Tong could I be it for me I could live a good life of song hands in goes a bunch of ginger kind of just eyeball on it but you know tablespoon couple of teaspoons whatever they’ll it’s pretty good to me I start to build the sauce a little bit I’m gonna go on with some sesame oil you don’t want to use too much this stuff it’s one of the most delicious oils in the entire world but too much of it will screw with your mouth and your brain it’s so powerful I can just smell it now it’s tough over that low me experience in a good way but it could have gone bad had I been a son of the bitch and gone to high no more scallions again feel it out you know this isn’t kind of cooking it’s like French you know stick up my butt comes gotta be perfect this is like just love thy food like you love thy neighbor or maybe you hate thy neighbor in that case don’t love this food like a neighbor oh lordy Lordy lordy I prick come on I’m so excited whose case will be ba ha a little bit of sugar oh that was a good amount that’s all good and a bunch of soy you don’t really necessarily want to add the soy into early this is more at the end because if you add it too early sometimes the soy can get what we mean is so good but it can get a little bit funky or kind of burn up a little bit stay with the sugar so I like to add at the end drop in those little mein noodles I made way too many but you never have too many fresh new skis right okay I think that’s good get off me damn it some little nuts around break up the noodles a little bit because they’re pretty pretty long well that that’s the ultimate trick you stick it in like that I’m telling you feels good oh now that is looking and give it a little taste are you just gonna smell it be like hey buddy we’re doing pretty good here are we oh come on sold out in with what happened why my CrossFit yeah this lo mains on fire on fire yeah okay boom done what do you know about that scuse me sir your lo mein delicious can’t say lo mein is a dish that’s as exciting as like a General Tso’s but I think it’s just one of those great dishes that is really filling so we would always get the house lo mein hustle I never knew what house meant I getting it just man like whatever the hell they got in the house I just throw it it that’s a pretty damn good rendition Matt hey my Wang anybody hungry like I wish I could invite you guys over to eat us so much frickin food hmm what the hell was going on why am I just crushing it today I’ve gotten fantastic and it makes me wanna wear should you’re affected yeah Duterte to net do it huh to location in a little bit of this I’m doing what this is tasty dogs do you want it you know you want it by the way if you are wondering yes this is my new apartment it’s friggin awesome so what I’d be essentially doing is taking this beef rump there’s other options you can use like tenderloin you do need a rib eye if you’re really go crazy but no need to just slicing it really thin like in these types of pieces yeah you kind of choose your size they’re going to shrink a little bit so what we have here is another glorious example why I love Chinese food a lot of times they will make these sauces especially the restaurant so have the sauce already made and once they add the sauce what they’re doing is they’re actually adding cornstarch to it and what the cornstarch does you see corn a lot of recipes today the corn touches the thickening it’s also a great breading like in the general tso’s but about a tablespoon of this to soy sauce and a little oyster sauce as well just a little bit Chinese cooking wine and I wish this together you see that those can use it with the cornstarch once it dissolves in there you can see it gives that kind of a lighter experience of the color situation and when it hits the hot pans can instantly thicken up and that’s going to give you that like glaze because it allows the sauce to stick to everything you didn’t have the glaze it would still be good but sometimes a soy sauce can just have a mind of its own so this actually creates a situation where the sauce is like no we’re going to be one we’re going to like make this master sauce more often become one beautiful friend of love this is that I’m just going to do a little marinade of the meat like why not I could use a little bit of marinade sauce some soy and just some sesame oil helped to give us a nice glorious flavor you can let that sit for many works in ten minutes an hour overnight whatever Chinese cooking they tend to do a lot of steaming which I appreciate because you know makes a lot of sense you can get vegetables really nice and tender without like you I tried to cook this broccoli right now it would probably burn before it got tender so what I’m going to do is kind of a fake version of the steamed I could use a steamer basket pop it in there put the broccoli on top that’s great what I found that I enjoy recently is kind of just getting some a little bit of water in there dropping in your broccoli I’m just going to add a little bit of salt why not and even if it isn’t all you’re making it if you’re not making a beef dish just simply doing this what it’s doing is kind of see me and cooking the broccoli you’ll see the broth to change colors gets a beautiful green color already agree but it’s going to get an even more sexy green color and as the water cooks out the broccoli cooks by the time the water is gone you cook broccoli and then you can move on with your dish just like that as the water is cooking out broccoli turns this really cool vibrant green and then we are ready to go I’m going to take that out and then get the beef in there shei to the beast mostly cuz it’ll be all the way cooking this point so I’m going to take it out what’s that guy now we’re just coming back with her mister favorite friends little scallions gingy oh she will have a toughest car like this is future locally people joking too long what happens after about your fifth Chinese recipe of the day tactical bazongas on to me it’s really about flavoring that oil so everything I cook is going to have the essence of this glory to you rocky become best friends and part-time lovers with the ggs mixture that’s all she knows so so she doesn’t do homework because he’s cooking Chinese food you gotta be friends hit the wok nice and hot add in our corn starch you’ll see we’ll add this really cool thick glaze to it since most people know that everything is sexier with sesame seeds well now it’s basically touch me beef which is delicious broccoli test maybe I’ll take it oh my goodness combination give it the old spin I mean I see it’s very simple dish but people love this Oh chasing truth the new documentary all about taking truth with Chinese food well ma’am mmm-hmm now that just shot me back to a time I remember when I first fell in love with people rock it took me a long time but I actually happen to think Brock is one of the best vegetables that’s not but if not best things the entire world in general in this way of cooking broccoli if you don’t like broccoli make this recipe then try to tell me you don’t like broccoli broccoli is a single blow hmm what am I just crushing it today all right so I did a video it was a rap video some people freaking love that a couple people didn’t so I figured I would add it again to this video to show you guys how to make the General Tso’s without the rap lyrics so take an egg beat that up add some soy sauce and some of that Chinese cooking wine then I got a little bit of baking soda actually it’s baking powder and just going to mix it up with the whisk add in some cornstarch you’re kind of making this sauce Lurie thing right and toss your chicken that’s actually going to beat the marinade the chicken is going to sit in there for now from an hour to a couple hours then take another bowl add in some cornstarch right some more of the baking powder this is going to help with the rising this is our breading essentially you can add flour a lot of places I have flour but this is awesome because it’s gonna be gluten free if you’re using gluten free soy sauce cool okay now add some soy sauce into a final bowl lots of bowls no big deal some more Chinese cooking wine rice vinegar some sugar sesame oil cornstarch and mix that up right that’s the sauce okay now take that chicken that was marinated and I’m gonna be dancing why not and then put it in that mixture and then just deep-fry it so you’re putting that cornstarch mixture just coating it around deep-fry it about 350 375 and she’s gonna get super gloriously crispy like oh my God look how crispy that is what is going on it’s crispy levels take some oil in your wok scallions go in ginger goes in minced up and garlic goes in and a chili dried chilies one or two however hot you want it kind of mix that around for a little bit then pour your sauce in it with the cornstarch when it gets hot it’s going to thicken up and you’re gonna have this amazing General Tso’s sauce and you throw in your chicken and you toss it around and you are pretty much set like all this this honestly blew me away with how good it was I cannot express to you how perfect it tasted that throw it over some rice I added in some sesame seeds some people like why but I just love sesame seeds you don’t have to look at that come on sexy time boy and my exercises for probably more than any other recipe ever oh my god I’m dying I’ve done it some perfect turtle sauce recipe about now so thank you guys so much for sticking around for part one of the Chinese glorious eating experience I had a blast making it I did not know what to expect I was blown away by how it credibly delicious the recipes were I’m not just saying that cuz I’m on camera I know people have the same damn reaction mmm so good every time but seriously this food hits on such an amazing note I hope you enjoy and you give these things a try because you should it’s so easy even if you don’t have all the ingredients give it a try and don’t remember that you can forget to be the best cook in the world

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