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How to Make Gluten Free Vegan Ribs (Nut and Soy Free Vegan Recipe)



Hi all! Welcome to I PINK IT My name is Ingrid

I will be testing this recipe made by veggie society where it shows how make vegan ribs In fact, I have not eaten pork for over six years something like that i haven't eaten ribs in a long time and I have no idea if this vegan recipe will it work or not The original recipe calls for the use of wheat and soy being allergic to both I will substitute these ingredients so cross your fingers because it works! I'm going to give you a preview, if it doesn't work I will not upload this video, so you are watching this video means it worked Well let me start by mixing all the dry ingredients I will need a tablespoon of nutritional yeast The recipe calls for take tablespoons but I feel like it's a lot so I'm going to adjust it and actually add a teaspoon of paprika a teaspoon of garlic powder a teaspoon of onion powder 1/4 of Cup of oatmeal and a cup of brown rice flour The recipe says that you can add any quantity of salt and pepper that you feel you will need

So let's add a little bit of Pepper I think it's okay You already know that I love salt there is Now we add the liquid ingredients let me start by adding 3/4 cups of water this water is in the environment then three tablespoons of cocoamines Basically I am allergic to soy and cocoamines let me show you it is a very good substitute as you can see it's basically soy sauce but without soy, it has coconut extract then a teaspoon of mustard I swear that the pra ahh i can't speak I swear that the PAPRIKA smells delicious! time to add this ingredient Jackfruit will be our star ingredient I ended up buying the can and it has 20 ounces, let me open them, get the water out and then I'll add it to the mix For this let me break it because you want to achieve have very small bits I need a grill, which I actually don't have this is all i have and i'm going to use this I was thinking that if I put it on possibly I'll get those lines off the grill we will see before doing that let me add some chia seed oil I'm not sure if this is a good idea but no way cook each side for 7 minutes As you can see this did not work So i took it off I have no idea how I will turn it Maybe i need two spatulas You know what I will do, I will split it in half! I feel like we just had chaos in my kitchen but everything is okay not that bad This is ready, so what I'm going to do right now I’m going to bake it, but I’m going to pre heat oven to 370 degrees Fahrenheit While I wait Let me make the barbecue sauce As you know I have this baking sheet that the truth I use it for almost everything instead of using oil, I like to use this baking sheet Here I have my barbecue sauce Well guys, the oven is ready, only I don't have aluminum foil The recipe states that I should bake this for 40 minutes I'm going to bake it for 20 minutes and I'm going to check taking it out of the oven to see how it is and then bake it for another 20 minutes Yes it starts to get well tanned over I'll just turn it around and I'll add more barbecue sauce to it I can't believe it's ready I swear that the whole kitchen smells like barbecue let me get it out of the oven look guys sorry but this looks like meat Time to break it, I'll show you how I am going to present it and then I will prove it Guys it's time to try it, but the truth I find it crazy how much this looks like meat I teach them up close Honestly, if they told me that this is not vegan i mean vegan that is You see how confused I am it seems non vegan and if it is vegan la jaca wow I'm surprised but i have to try it I needed to record my reaction I'm super excited, time to try it this is very interesting I actually made many changes to this recipe the original recipe Florentina running her veggie society blog Her recipe called for different ingredients and steps but adjust it a little bit to make it allergen-free, but also I skipped a few steps that I thought were not necessary

They are super soft the barbecue sauce is very good I can not believe it I know i made it but honestly if they told me this is a rib I would believe them it's vegan this part is the richest because it is crispy on the outside, but super soft on the inside I'm really shocked I can't believe it's not meat, because it tastes like meat Jackfruit always impresses me This was a successful test I can't believe this was my first time trying the recipe and adjusting for my allergens I feel super good about my new cooking skills, I feel like They have improved a lot during this quarantine, which makes me happy

And I hope you are also enjoying all my progress and have been cooking some of the recipes that I have shared Yes they haven't none of my recipes, this is one you must try If you have not subscribed to I PINK IT And if you want to keep seeing more vegan allergen-free recipes Be sure to click the red button under the screen and click on the bell to receive notifications every time I upload a new video I like it, if you enjoyed the video And if you have some friends that you want to try vegan meat alternatives which are soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free share this recipe with them I know you will love this recipe I honestly take two hours to cook this recipe but I know that I measure and prepare things a little different from how you do at home you probably use the same cups but in my case I wash them every now and then it takes me longer but if you don't do it like me it will take them an hour and a half to get it ready It is a good lunch or a good dinner and they can have it with complement dishes I made a mashed potato and a salad This is how I will eat it and now I will serve it to my family Thank you very much for watching this video

See you next week with a new video

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