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How to make Grilled Halibut with Honey and Lemon


[UltraVid id=360 ]today on the stay at home chef I’m showing you how to make my honey lemon hell of it how love it is my favorite fish I love making this recipe on special occasions I make it both on the stove as well as the grill so this recipe is really versatile and fish is really easy to cook we’re going to start by making a sauce I’m going to start with two tablespoons of melted butter I’m going to add in two tablespoons of honey then two teaspoons of soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon of pepper two cloves of crushed garlic and then half of a juice lemon which is about two tablespoons whisk this all together next we can move on to working with our fish I have an 8 ounce piece of halibut here when you’re buying halibut you want to make sure you ask to smell it first it shouldn’t smell fishy or oceany at all it should smell really clean and fresh and that’s how you know you have a good piece of fish then we’re just going to take this little sauce and brush it right on our fish and I want to be sure to get both sides of the fish with this so I’ll flip it over all right we’re ready to cook our fish I have a heavy skillet heating over high heat I want that pan to be sizzling hot I’m going to lay our fish right in the middle I’m going to sear the fish for about 90 seconds and then flip it over and sear the other side give this a flip nice and brown I’m going to brush more sauce on top every time I flip it I want to brush more of this delicious sauce on top now once it’s heerd I’m going to reduce the heat to low and let it cook for an additional 2 to 3 minutes per side until it flakes easily with a fork don’t forget to keep putting on more of that delicious sauce that’s it cooking great fish is super easy and it’s good for you too thanks for watching you can find the full written recipe in the video description be sure to subscribe and check out the rest of my channel where you can find more than 150 restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home see you later

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