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How To Make Grilled Vegetables – The EASY Way 👍🏻



– Hey everyone, it's Natasha of NatashasKitchencom, and today I have such a treat for you

We are making balsamic grilled vegetables This is the perfect side dish for any barbecue It is so easy, comes together fast, and it is a crowd pleaser, you guys are gonna love it (laughs) Let's get started This recipe moves fast, so preheat your grill to medium-high heat

Slice a medium green zucchini, and a medium yellow squash into about one-third inch thick rims Transfer those to a large mixing bowl Next, you'll need half a pound of baby bella or brown mushrooms Cut the larger mushrooms in half, and leave the smaller ones whole (lighthearted music) Next, you'll need half of a large yellow, or sweet onion, cut that into thirds then separate the pieces

Place all of the veggies into the mixing bowl along with half a pound of snap peas, and toss to combine Now to make that simple and delicious balsamic marinade, you'll need one fourth cup of olive oil, and three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar Add a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of pepper, and stir to combine Drizzle all of the marinade over your veggies, then stir until evenly coated (lighthearted music) And if you're feelin' dangerous, give 'em a quick toss

Cover the veggies, and let them marinade at room temperature for about 10 minutes Meanwhile, lightly oil your grill basket, and here's a great tip If you place it on the lid of your dishwasher, then spray, you don't have to do any extra cleanup Preheat your grill basket for about 10 minutes with the grill cover on Transfer your marinated veggies to the hot grill basket, and discard any excess liquid in the bowl

Grill with the cover on for a total of 10 to 12 minutes Stir every three to four minutes to ensure even cooking and caramelizing Once the vegetables are crisp, tender, or your desired done-ness, transfer them to a serving platter (lighthearted music) (laughs) Oh yes And that was an adventure, just as we are finishing up grilling, there's this big ol' thunder lightning rainstorm rollin' in, I'm like let's get inside

(laughs) All right, we're gonna do the taste test because oh, it smells so good, and of course I smell like barbecue, and I don't mind for one second (laughs) Okay here we go A little bit of everything on my fork just the way I like it Oh my goodness, this is gonna be an intense taste test (laughs) I'm a little intimidated

Ooh, a little bit of onion I actually like the onions when they're grilled because they're sweet Here we go Mm, (laughs) mm, mm, mm (hums) I love when the veggies still have a little bit of that crisp bite to them, yum

The sweet peas and onion have that lovely crunch to them, and then the zucchini and squash all have this sweet and tender and juicy (laughs) And then my favorite is the mushrooms, come on, where are my mushroom lovers? (laughs) And they're so meaty, and almost beefy off the grill And so delicious 'cause they soak up some of that marinade with the balsamic glaze, and the balsamic glaze is just so so good with vegetables It amplifies the flavor without overpowering them so they're still sweet, and mm! (laughs) This is a recipe we make over and over and over and over and over, and I hope it becomes a new favorite for you guys If you enjoyed this recipe, give us a great big thumbs up below

Make sure (stammers) (laughs) make sure to subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you in our next video These grilled vegetables are so good with creamy mashed potatoes right over there, and grilled steak right down there And before you go, make sure to click below to subscribe, and when you do, click that little bell icon so you'll get notifications every time we post a new recipe, thanks for watching

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