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How to Make Healthy Zucchini Bread | Low Sugar and Low Fat



– You're coming? (light techno music) – I'm just here – Are you ready? – Yeah, I am

– You aint gonna hug me? – Yeah – Hi, guys, welcome to ifoodreal – Yes, welcome – (laughs) Where we make healthy dinner delicious And today for dinner is healthy zucchini bread

Because it's zucchini season in Mexico, and we are getting ready for the one here in Canada – Yeah, this is my favorite bread, and I will tell you the truth, yes, this is a big day Every – Two – time we have zucchini bread in the house, we love it This is my favorite bread

(chomping) Yes – So what is healthy about this bread quickly Zucchini, applesauce – Oh, yeah – No oil and no sugar, maple syrup

And it's gonna be super moist and delicious Let's do it! (rubbing palms) – Yes! – First thing, preheat often to 350 degrees So we will need two cups of shredded zucchini, and that's about medium to large And we don't squeeze it And to grate zucchini, I recommend to use the medium size holes, not the large ones, not the small ones, the medium ones

Because the whole concept of sneaky veggies for kids becomes so much easier (upbeat music) Now we're gonna set it aside (egg cracking) So add an egg, and I don't whisk it separately I'll whisk it with other ingredients because it's just easy Then a half cup applesauce

So we're basically just adding all liquid ingredients right now And three and a quarter cup maple syrup or honey This is a half cup measuring cup From applesauce Then we're gonna add one teaspoon vanilla

Make sure you buy the pure one, the real stuff, not the artificial one And two teaspoon cinnamon It's optional, not optional If you really hate cinnamon, okay, fine, you can skip it, but we like it Just adds a nice flavor

You wouldn't taste it as much, but it makes zucchini bread more flavorful Then two teaspoon baking powder, and I like the aluminum free one because nobody wants to eat aluminum Why would somebody eat aluminum? And one teaspoon baking soda And salt, everything in life needs salt Just a half teaspoon

In case you didn't know, salt helps any ingredient shine Any ingredient's flavor tastes so much better with salt, which is absolutely shocking Leaves Okay, and now we're gonna whisk it Kind of like, the egg goes first

See, that's why you didn't need to whisk the egg on its own We're just gonna whisk it all together And no two bowls with liquid ingredients and the dry ingredients, because look how beautifully baking powder and baking soda incorporates with liquid ingredients Easy peasy, friends So now we're gonna add our zucchini

And this is how you measure zucchini It's kinda like it's not packed It's just sitting there in a cup freely You don't press it You don't squeeze it

Just after you've grated it, measure two cups It's like approximately two cups, It is that medium to large zucchini that I showed you And then we stir with spatula And now flour For our healthy zucchini bread, I recommend you use whole wheat flour or spelt flour

Here I have this sprouted spelt flour It acts exactly like whole wheat flour, but it says, and this is cool, so the sprouted flour is ground from grains that have been germinated So you're getting all the health benefits of sprouted grains that are more easily to digest The difference in taste is, whole wheat flour goods, they're a little bit heavier and more dense, where spelt flour, its a little bit lighter I like both, and it doesn't matter, it's just what I have on hand

What you cannot use is gluten free flour, because it doesn't have gluten to rise, help the bread rise, and it will not work in this recipe And here is how you measure the flour Flour in the measuring scoop, and then you take a knife, butter knife, and you kinda like remove, skim the top, and this is one cup of flour, not like this (upbeat music) So now, to stir, it's just a little process Just kind of like fold it in, you don't wanna go like this, just gentle, cause then otherwise you over-mix the batter or the dough, whatever the proper name for it is

And then the bread will come out kind of like rubbery So just kind of fold it in, and actually you can give it a few seconds to kind of like sit and absorb each other, like this And then stir again So the batter consistency should be thicker than for pancakes, a spatula will kind of stand in it It should drop slowly

That's it, and pockets of flour are okay So then I take 9 by 13 loaf pan, and this is ceramic non stick I just bought and I love, and spray it with cooking spray, just in case, or you can lay parchment paper and spray with cooking spray And then you transfer your batter here (upbeat music) Then you kind of level it and you bake it for 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean And of course, you can add your favorite mix-ins, like nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, coconut flakes

I'm gonna make second one for the kids with chocolate chips, because they like and with walnuts, they don't like them, but I'm gonna mix them with chocolate chips and they will eat that And I'm just gonna use the same bowl, no need to rinse it, so that's why it's so awesome to double batches of muffins and breads (upbeat music) After removing zucchini bread from the oven, take it out from the baking pan to cool off completely on a cooling rack So, the bread is ready, and it's out of the oven and it's nice and plump and hopefully fluffy inside So, lets cut it

A good, serrated bread knife helps (upbeat music) Mmmm, beautiful! So, usually I like to slice bread into thicker slices and I think I will have about 10 (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, that's so pretty And so fluffy And a lot of zucchini pieces in the middle

– Could I see it, can I see? – Yes, (laughs) this guy showed up – Oh my – Okay, you want some butter? – Yes, please, thank you – Okay It's how we butter today (laughs) – Give me more, I'm good

– just melting, no anymore – No, I'm good (upbeat music) – Oh my God, and it has a crust, mmm, this is so soft and moist – You know like me, – Oh my God – My grandpa used to say, there is nothing better than old, good banana bread (laughing) okay? – You had a grandpa? (laughs) – Yeah, you didn't know? (laughing) – Okay, oh my gosh! – Cool, guys, this is all I can say! – And this is awesome

(laughs) Oh my gosh, I can definitely taste a little bit of cinnamon, so if you're not a cinnamon person, just skip it, but I love it, it goes so amazing with the zucchini – I like cinnamon – I wanna cut the one with chocolate chips and see how that one is So this one is with, ooh, chocolate chips and walnuts So cool, they will gobble it up

So yeah, that was healthy zucchini bread, hope you make it and you like it and go back to the website – I like it – and let us know how you liked it or leave the comment below on YouTube, and give us thumbs up if you liked, and you did Like this video – Please – and subscribe to our channel, it's the button there – Yeah, here, should be

– It should be there And see you next time! Bye! – Alex and Olena, bye! – Ifoodrealcom, bye! (upbeat music) All right! (cracking)

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