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– I made this bone broth in the instant pot A lot of people have hopped on the trend of making their own broth at home, so you can find these pretty readily available now at a lot of grocery stores in their freezer section

Which makes it super convenient So, I'm gonna put about three pounds To that I'm just gonna add some onions, wash 'em, but leave the skins on, it's just more flavor and more color I've washed these carrots, but I did not peel them because you don't have to Couple of stalks of celery, leave the leaves, more flavor don't forget some herbs, some thyme and some parsley, think I'll crush up a few cloves of garlic, again I'll leave the skins on, all this is gonna get strained out

Just smash 'em and throw 'em in The thing is a lot of people drink this bone broth and it satisfies their hunger I'll have to see about that A little sale 'n' pepper A key ingredient to bone broth is a little bit of apple cider vinegar

The acid from this vinegar is gonna help extract all that good stuff from the bones I'm just gonna put a couple of tablespoons in, right and then just water My instant pot is pretty packed I've honestly, never had it this full, so we'll see what happens So I'm gonna fill water, maybe about halfway

I've filled the liquid to the line, below the max line, this is gonna give us a little more room in case the liquid increases during the cooking process We're gonna cook this on high pressure, for a good two hours Which in instant pot years, is like all day All right, the two hours are up Plus, it has been sitting here for a good 20 minutes

I'm gonna release the rest of the pressure, that's in there, and we'll see if we have the most delicious bone broth ever (sizzle) The pressure was almost released, remember never to fight with your instant pot lid, make sure all the pressure is released before you open it (beeping) Ooh, smells really good It didn't explode so, it is now, all the way filled up to the max line, so I told you it would release some of those juices So we're gonna strain it

Look at that color It wouldn't be a bad idea to save some of these remnants for snacking, because this creamy marrow that's in here Yum You can see a layer of fat, that's formed on the top I'm gonna remove this, you'll get the rest when it chills 'cause it'll solidify onto the top

And now I'm gonna run it, through a little bit of cheesecloth, it's got a lot of sediment in here and I don't know if it's supposed to when you drink bone broth but, it doesn't appeal to me Okay, I guess I'm supposed to, fix me up a warm cup of this I think they serve it in like, coffee cups in some places Quite tasty and comforting I think I would

(clears throat) I think I would, wait I'm gonna chill it and get off that fat layer Because it tastes a little greasy still But, this would warm me up

I'm anxious to see if it would actually fill me up Besides being keto friendly, this bone broth was made in two hours, in an instant pot So, if the health benefits are as good as they say, it might be worth trying, in your instant pot I'm just gonna store it, in a jar in the fridge and drink off of it all week If you like bone broth, I hope you'll try this instant pot, keto beef bone broth at home

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