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How to make Iron Man sushi & recipes 【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】



Let's make Iron Man sushi! Hi, welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking I'm Chef KG

Today, we're gonna make Iron Man sushi Okay, let's start cooking! Let's check ingredients soy sauce sushi vinegar tuna sashimi eggs dried nori seaweed cooking oil Here's instructions Wash rice In this video, we're going to cook rice using a rice cooker

If you don't have a rice cooker, please watch "How to cook steamed rice in a pot" Wash rice 3 times Soak rice in water for half an hour Set a time for a rice cooker Rice is ready! Now, we're going to make sushi rice Measures sushi vinegar Mix sushi vinegar and rice Wait for half an hour Crack eggs is another bowl

Use low heat to heat up the pan Pour cooking oil into a pan Cook eggs on low heat Cut eggs into Iron Man shape After cutting, put eggs on nori seaweed Cut dried nori seaweed

Slice tuna sashimi Pull the knife to cut sashimi Shaping sushi rice into Iron Man shape Do not push rice too hard Cover rice with tuna sashimi

Cover rice with nori seaweed and eggs Make eyes using sushi rice You can pour soy sauce on top How did you like making Iron Man sushi? If you liked this video, please hit like Also subscribe to my channel

If you have any questions or requests, you can leave comments below Thanks for watching! I'll see you in next video

Source: Youtube

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