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How To Make Italian Stuffed Shells With Ground Beef Filling [Cook With Me]



Everyone loves the simple, big pasta dish with pasta, beef, onion, red pepper, garlic, a bunch of garden herbs and spices and ricotta cheese, Parmesan, cheese, and more cheese in the form of mozzarella Well, it all goes into this really delicious Italian stuff shells with ground beef recipe

And I'm going to show you in this really long form Coke with me video exactly how I go through all the steps to making it So the very first thing that I do here is I prepare the ingredients and that starts with dicing up the onions Now I love using onions and red peppers in recipes I think that they're just some of the easiest vegetables to incorporate into everything So that's why you'll see them in so many of my dishes, especially any Italian dishes that I make

Once I have the different ingredients, diet stuff, it's time to get a large skillet on the stove to about medium high And so I add the olive oil and then let it heat until the olive oil is hot and shiny Then it's time to add the pound of ground beef add the diced tomatoes, the diced red pepper, the garlic salt, pepper, parsley, and oregano Those are dried herbs and spices that are added in at this point that really give it that Italian ground beef flavor So sometimes I'll measure out all of the spices and other times I'll just use this pasta sprinkle or another Italian blend that I have just because it's easier

If I'm in a rush, this Italian ground beef filling for the stuffed shells is cooked together with the red pepper, garlic and all those vegetables for about 10 minutes And as you go along, you break down the beef So all of it browns and forms in little pieces, a little like beef crumbles that are going to be easier to mix in with the ricotta filling for stuffed shells So once the ground beef filling for the step shells is done rounding on the stove It's time to remove it from the heat and strain it on a plate, lined with paper towel

Now it may not be too greasy It might be dryer And if so, you might not need to do that step, but I just think it always ends up a little bit cleaner of a stuffed shells filling if you do that So just a quick note about cooking the pasta don't over cook the pasta since this stuff possible We finished cooking in the oven

You just want to cook that pasta to al dante So I recommend choosing jumbo shells or large shells as they're called that Um, are you know, of higher quality at the store? Usually I look for like something with Italian packaging or something on it for a nice dish like these, um, stuff shells with ground beef But I don't know I would just say like always choose the lower minute, always choose the lower minute, the time setting

And like, if it's four to six minutes, always choose four and take it out right at that Mark, because you don't want to get too mushy if you're going to be finishing it in the oven So it's time to set out a baking dish that is a medium size and set the oven to 350 degrees Now this is also when you're going to start combining the filling So you want to make sure you have your ricotta and other cheeses on hand So to mix together the filling for the stuffing, you're going to take a large ball and gently combine the cooked beef mixture with ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, and the one cup of pasta sauce

You can see the note on sip bite go dot com under this recipe for Italian stuffed shells with ground beef, to learn exactly how to substitute out pasta sauce with tomato sauce and some Italian spices That's pretty much what I do most of the time Um, if I have some leftover crushed tomatoes, I'll turn it into a sauce for this, but anyways, you can always just use pasta sauce and it's super simple So into the bowl, everything goes, again, it's the cooked beef mixture for the stuffed shells, with the ricotta cheese Parmesan cheese, and a cup of pasta sauce, then you need to add a little bit of salt and pepper to the filling mixture If you want

Uh, I leave this up to your discretion because I don't know what type of pasta sauce you're using for stuffed shells And I don't know if it has salts in it, or if you're starting with something else So anyways, use some salt and pepper at this point, if you want And then it's time to stuff the shells with the filling mixture and add them to the medium sized baking dish You have already set out ready to go

Doesn't that look beautiful? I love how it all comes together It kind of looks more like a vodka sauce because it has that creaminess in it And here I'm just adding a little bit extra spices because I was working with canned tomatoes And so here I'm putting in all of the cheeses I love to use fresh Parmesan cheese on the block

It always tastes super strong when it's on the block I really liked that And then mixing it all together I have way more filling than I need the shells for So if you end up in that predicament also, you can just save it and make baked rigatoni for the next night

I also recipe for that at sipbitegocom or you could just freeze the feeling and thought and use it another time to make either the baked rigatoni dish or stuffed shells dish So there's plenty of things to do with any leftover pasta sauce or pasta filling from the stuffed shells recipe So here, the shells are cooked and they're getting stuffed with a mixture I just do them one at a time

I go pretty quickly Once I get the hang of it, I use a spoon that's the right size to really get one solid scoop in there, maybe two scoops And then I move on and you'll see in here, I actually forgot to cover the bottom of the dish with one cup of pasta sauce And that means that, um, if you forget to do that, it'll probably be okay, but some of the pasta might burn or stick to the bottom or some of the cheese that spills over my stick to the bottom of your baking dish It really depends what type of material you're baking dishes made out of

So you definitely want to put the cup of pasta sauce at the bottom of the stuffed shells dish So you don't run into any issues There it's the same, same for my Italian stuffed red peppers recipe And, uh, it's also done in lasagnas and things like that So stuffing the shells is a really fun part of this recipe, but it comes together really quickly after this assembling the stuffed pasta shells portion of the recipe goes, so then you throw on some pasta sauce and then cheese on top

This is where a lot of like that mozzarella cheese comes in Cause it's going to start bubbling over that sauce It's going to be really delicious as it melts in there And the initial look so beautiful at this point So it's time to top with the remaining cheese, like I said, and then you're going to go ahead and bake the stuffed shells with the ground beef filling for about 20 minutes until the cheese is melted

Definitely don't take it out before the cheese is starting to get really gooey and bubbly You need to leave it in there for probably about 20 minutes, but keep checking on it and like two minute increments to see if it's done, if you're just not sure And another thing you might want to keep in mind that it's possible that your oven has hot spots So maybe one half of the top will become bubbly And the other half of the cheese on top of the baked pasta, won't be bubbly

You should be turning the casserole dish in the oven, so you don't run into that sort of a problem So at 20 minute Mark, if it isn't finished cooking, you can turn it 180 and then let it cook for a few more minutes, just to make sure all of your oven is cooking the pasta dish evenly So when it comes out, it's nice and bubbly I had to go, um, help with some things with the baby in So this is a little bit, uh, it had been sitting out for a minute, but it was really gooey and cheesy at first

And I'm adding some fresh herbs from my garden, my like kitchen garden It's a container garden that I have indoors Uh, there's been a lot of sun in Portland, well up until a few weeks ago, but it was a nice spring And so the kitchen herbs were growing pretty strongly and I'm so happy to have basil coming in It's just so great to cook with fresh herbs

So anyways, I took some of the photos We really enjoyed this stuffed shells dish It is definitely a recipe That's on rotation in my house We just loved the filling

It's creamy, it's tomato based It's really good Um, and stuffed shells are really pretty if you're gonna serve a dinner event or if you want to make it ahead, like it's a really nice complete meal in itself You could just add a salad to the stuffed shells or cook up some green beans or something like that to serve on the side But really these are beautiful on a plate

And I think everyone always looks forward to seeing them, even though maybe it's kind of an issue from like the nineties or something I think there's still plenty of things that you can do with stuffed shells to enjoy them today Well, don't forget to subscribe to the sip bite go channel on YouTube and get the printed recipe for this at sipbitegocom I know that I always like to have a printed recipe so I can write notes on it

I actually print all the recipes from my site as well and put them in my recipe book and sometimes we'll continue to make notes on them and come up with other recipes So anyways, make sure to go to sipbitegocom and subscribe to the sip bite go channel on YouTube to get more tasty recipes And a lot of the recipes that I'm making in real time can be found at the sip bite go Instagram account So anyways, I hope that you have a wonderful and delicious day


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