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How to Make Katie’s Grandma’s Logan County Burgers | Food Network



[music playing] Hi, I'm Katie Lee, and I eat meat in sweats Today I'm making you a recipe that is a classic in my family

It's called Logan County burgers I've got 1 pound of ground beef here I like to use an 80-20 mix, so there's a good amount of fat in there to keep these burgers juicy 1 pound of beef equals 1 teaspoon of salt These burgers are really thin

My grandma grew up without a lot of money, so they would try to stretch their meat So they made really thin burgers All right, going to take my ring off Oh! I clearly had too much to eat yesterday And mix up these burger patties

OK, 1 pound of beef, so we're going to get six patties out of this So here's what I like to do Make a circle, and then cut it into three And then each of those, divide in half Six equal parts

Now I'm going to work these into very thin patties And I've got my griddle going back here I'm just going to put these straight onto it Just going to sprinkle each one of these with a little bit more salt Take a look

Oh, yeah I love that crust that forms from being on the griddle So it takes about two, maybe three minutes per side, not very long, because they're so thin All right, these burgers are looking good I'm going to put them on a paper towel lined plate

So I've got buttered white bread It goes straight down It's probably ready to be flipped Oh, yeah Perfectly golden brown and toasted

So I'm just going to let that cheese get nice and melted Going to turn the heat down to low so that the cheese has a chance to melt before the bread gets all the way done Grandma's Logan County burgers Looking good These are always my favorite

I mean, melted cheese, toasted, buttery bread, and a hamburger patty Gus, you agree with me? Let's cut into one of these bad boys For some reason, I always like to cut them in half diagonally I like mine with ketchup and a couple of pickles on the side I'm going for this

Mmm It's like childhood in a bite There's something very nostalgic about these flavors I think I've got to have something sweet to go alongside with this, so how about a cinnamon and sugar doughnut So just a couple minutes in the panini press It just brings out all their flavors

It can make a day-old doughnut come back to life No, you didn't think that I was just going to serve grilled donuts, did you? I microwaved some chocolate hazelnut spread to drizzle over the top That's the dish that gets everybody talking at the brunch So when I'm having people over, I love to do a pitcher drink And since I'm from the South, sweet tea is always on the menu

We would always have a picture of this in the refrigerator growing up It's just classic ice tea with a lot of sugar in it And I've got some vodka in the glass here, 'cause we're doing a twisted tea My ice cubes, they're made out of lemonade with a mint leaf inside So you just have to put a mint leaf in an ice cube tray, top it with lemonade, and freeze it

And that looks like the ultimate brunch to me Gus, you in? My only guest is Gus Just how I like it [laughing] [music playing] Is it really a burger if it's on white bread? Be sure to comment below and subscribe [music playing]

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