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How to Make Mexican Guacamole,Pico de Gallo VEGAN – recipe – メキシコ料理 本格ワカモレとサルサのレシピ • Mexico etw •



how to make Guacamole and Pico de gallo Mr traveler will be hiding somewhere in the video Ingredients, avocado 2, tomato 2, cilantro 1 bunch, onion half, Serrano pepper 1, olive oil 3 tbsp, lemon or lime 1, salt little cut in half peel the skin off chop it in small dice divide in 2 chop it very finely divide in 2 and add in onion cut in half and remove seeds chop it finely add to one bowl cut in small cubes add to the one without chili add olive oil and salt mix well cut in half and take the seed out scoop out and add to the bowl with no tomato smash it and add salt add lemon juice in both thank you for watching if you like this video slick subscribe for more

Source: Youtube

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