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How To Make No-Cook Easy Pizza Sauce | #StayHome With Rachael



Pizza sauce Proper pizza sauce is so easy because you don't cook it

We're gonna use 15 ounces of any kind of tomato, and that'll make ya four pies, or enough dipping sauce for two giant calzones So we're gonna put in 15 ounces of any kind of tomato product you like I chose Italian tomatoes that were fire-roasted, because of the wood-burning oven vibe Then we're gonna add a little oregano I happen to have fresh oregano, which is lucky, and not common for me

I say orego-yes Orego-yes, so about a tablespoon of fresh, okay? Or you could use a teaspoon of dry, easy We're gonna add a couple leaves of basil, torn basil Pinch of salt, over the shoulder for luck One fat clove of garlic, and a good drizzle of EVOO

That's it, kids Turn the processor on Now if you're using this for dipping sauce, put it in a small pot and heat it up If you're making pizza with it, it's good to go Okay, so now we're gonna take a hunk of dough

We put our dough on our floured surface Okay, great way to transfer your pizza dough: just wrap it over your rolling pin or your wine bottle, and now we're going to top it with our no-cook pizza sauce (John whistles) You see I spill it on with a spoon, and then I spread it around with the back of the spoon Our cheese combo is mozzarella and provolone Hot peppers, sweet peppers and onions, glorious

A little extra teeny bit on top of the cheeses, the magic of the cheeses Okay Come on, honey, try Oh! I did it! Once again The Rachael fell apart, and we lost an edge Now we're moving on to The John

The dough transfer, the sauce-arooni So this is Hot Sopressata "She's a Hot Sopressata" And we're gonna do a little under the cheese, and a little over the cheese Smoked mozzarella cheese

Not just mozzarella cheese, but smoked Smoky mozzarella A little sprinkle of Locatelli, so– I love the Locatelli He loves the Locatelli Extra sprinkle of our smoked mozz, and there's The John

All right, wait, ooh, ah Oh, that made me very scared I did it Woo Wow

What a beauty Little basil, drizzle of olive oil (audience cheering) (audience clapping)

Source: Youtube

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