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How to Make Pancakes – The Victorian Way


[UltraVid id=253 ]Well, hello. We must get on, it’s Shrove Tuesday
and there’s Pancakes to make. So to begin you will need. I am going to whisk my eggs in my trusty copper
bowl. Copper bowls are very good for whisking eggs. You’ll find that your eggs will whisk
much quicker and in a much firmer way. And then we’re going to add some milk. I would
recommend to roughly three eggs to start by adding a quarter. And now three tablespoons
of flour to be added gradually. You want to make sure that you don’t get any
lumps. And then I’ll add my other two. And there we have the batter for your Pancakes. So the first thing you need to do is to make
sure you’ve got a nice even fire so your pan is evenly hot. And then you can add the butter.
If your not an experience cook and a little bit nervous of flipping your pancake, make
sure you put in only a small amount of mix to make to a nice thin Pancake, and then you
wont have to turn it over. If you want a slightly thicker Pancake and
you want to cook both sides then the easiest way to turn it over is to flip it. A nice clean way to turn the Pancake over. These ones are going to go to the servants.
There are plenty of them so I’ve got a lot more to make. Keep them warm in front of a fire until they
are ready to serve. I’ve taken more time over these ones. They’re
for Lord and Lady Braybrooke and between each layer I have either sprinkled sugar or I’ve
spread some apricot jam. Layer that on, the final one, and then a sprinkling
of sugar. You can serve it to the top table then with
perhaps some clotted cream or any other bits that you choose. We have Pancakes for Lord
and Lady Braybrooke and for us servants. A good way to begin Lent.

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