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How To Make Panna Cotta | How To Cook Perfect Sunshine Sago | Mango Sago Panna Cotta



Welcome to Urban Farmers Kitchen! My name is Riese My name is Summer

Before we begin, please subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! And if you see an ad on any of our videos please don't skip it watch it with all your heart (Heartbeat sounds) In this episode, we will cook Mango Sago Panna Cotta! Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that means cooked cream! And to add a Filipino touch, we will use Fresh Philippine yellow Mangoes And Sunshine Big Sago! Sunshine Big Sago is always available in the market and Halal certified! Now let's begin! Wash your hands make sure they're clean! The ingredients are Fresh Philippine yellow Mangoes Brown sugar Water All purpose cream Milk Fish glue and cooked Sunshine Big Sago This is how you cook Sunshine Big Sago! Boil sago for fifteen to seventeen minutes and stir Remove from heat and rinse

Soak sago in water and put it in the ref for twelve hours or more Boil sago again for ten minutes and stir Remove from heat and rinse Soak sago in water and put it in the ref for three hours until there's no more white in the middle Summer, let's go cook the mango sauce! Yes! Now we need the Mangoes and put it on a heated pan Next, three tablespoons of brown sugar

And then mix Mmm, smells very yummy! Let it simmer for about five minutes and then set it aside Now let's cook the Panna Cotta! We need half liter of milk Then some cream Ok

Then one tablespoon of brown sugar And then we whisk (Whisking song) After whisking let's turn on the fire and put it on low Ok, then whisk it a little Before it boils I'll add the fish glue Ok, Summer now whisk please When Summer is mixing, I'll prepare the molds

We will add the sago Ate, it's almost boiling Ok, let's turn off the fire and then we'll scoop it in the molds One Two One, two Let it cool for fifteen minutes Ohhh they feel the same! (Summer screaming) Once it's firm, cold and jelly we're ready to add the mango sauce!! Boop boop

Ok next And to top it all off, let's add some Sunshine Big Sago Summer, your Mango Sago Panna Cotta is ready!! Ate, I want more big sago Ok, will add a little bit more How is it? Yummy? I'll try it now Mmmm! That's very yummy Thank you for watching

See you guys next time Bye!! You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray

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New Cookery Recipes
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