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How to Make Perfect Sweet Potato Latte at Home – Secret Recipes No One's Told You (완벽한 고구마 라떼 만들기)



Please turn on substitles Hi, today i will make delicious sweet potato latte I used Korean sweet potato You can also use yam Make thin slice (use 1/8 of sweet potato) Beautiful day

Look at the sunshine coming to my house Put them in air fryer to bake it 375 temp for 4 min Nice! Well baked it Oops! Take again Put it in carefully this time Boil it for about 15 min at medium-high heat Take out from pot & cool down before putting in blender Put baked chips & blend it to make crushed powder Blend it Not ground finely, but will use strainer to filter big chunks It's been cool down (10-15 min) Let's peel it off 2 oz of heavy whipping cream Use whisk or hand mixer to make whipped cream It's ready once whipped turns to creamy & soft texture Put sweet potato in blender I put 05 tbs of honey (if you like sweeter, put 1 tbs) Pour 12-13 oz of milk Blend it It looks like creamy and well blended Pour over whipped cream on top Sprinkle ground sweet potato powder

Use fine mesh baking strainer to filter out big pieces This baked ground powder will add additional baked sweet potato flavor Sprinkle cinnamon powder top Stir & mix well before drinking it Can you feel creamy & smooth texture beyond the screen? Let's try it! Very favorable & well balanced with whipped cream Honestly, it is sooooo good! How about making this sweet potato latte for your beloved one?

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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