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How to Make Puff Pastry ft. Radhika Yummy Yummy Recipes By Baal Gopal



Hare Krishna everyone! I am Radhika, This is Krishnapriya and this is Nandu! As you can see that we have some friends over, who are going to help us in this video Hare Krishna, My name is Varadh Hare Krishna, I am Gautam! Hare Krishna, I am Mayukh

And we're here to try their cooking About that, Don't you think that these two should be in the Guinness record for youngest chef Yeah, I really agree with that, Mayukh That's the first really good thing, you have said Yeah, I think they have the best chance

Yeah, that's right OK, Enough Guys! let's get started Now, This was a very unplanned shoot so, please don't mind the mess Guess what, they make mess every where they go Oh

how dare you Just joking Ok, Guys! Break it up! We are young chefs and that's what we do we make messes

That's what we are born for So today we're gonna be making puff pastries Not one type, but two Ok, so we're gonna be making two types One is spinach and fetta, ricotta and another one is pizza Scrolls and for that we need is ricotta and fetta spinach

CheeseThis is Softened puff pastry the reason it's so soft is because we have to do so many retakes because of these guys This is wrong Because of Bal Gopal yes, and you will be needing red chili flakes Italian herbs, salt and this is a pizza sauce that we made at home using tomato puree, cream Italian herbs, salt, sugar and we just cooked it So, let's get started

As you have seen, we have made our mixture, we have added our ricotta, fetta and crumbled it and mixed it all together We added our spinach, cheese, salt, herbs and we just mixed it into a niceblob

Yes, so that is our ricotta/fetta filling and now, we are going to start doing our pizza scrolls So, we get a bit of sauce Can I spread it? Can I put the cheese on? Ok, Now you can sprinkle Now, you can add the cheese you need more cheese Ok, I am just going to roll it now Varen, Can you get the tray out? (After transferring to the tray), Now, we cut this in to slices/little pieces Varen, can you please get the oil for oiling the tray? Ok, Now that we have cut this in to slices, we will spray some oil on the tray This is olive oil spray(spraying the oil) Okay, yes, Gavin, now you can come and put them on (the tray) (Gautam's little brother, Pranav crying in the background

) That's Gavin's brother, by the way Aww

He is crying like little Nandu We have pre-heated our Oven to 200 degree celcius for 20 minutes

Thank you Now we are going to make our next one Making similar rolls, cutting them in to pieces and transferring on to the tray Everyone wanting to join in and the shapes of the scrolls look like scrunched bags:) Gavin (Gautam) and Varadh are making more scrolls And over here Mayukh and I have started this What we're doing is we have cut this into squares, put a bit of our mixture and we're gonna make a triangle, you know and then we cut it in half See, we cut it in half That's what kids are all about Okay, we sort of fit them a little bit we have got it a little bit messy But that's alright that's what it's all about (learning and having fun) Now, this delicious looking Bhoga is going into the oven Yes Oh Wait, we can not forget spraying some oil on the top We are learning now As you can see we have started cutting this into triangles Krishnapriya – Me and Radhika did it

This and this is Mayukh's Mayukh disagrees – I did this one(points to better looking one) And i does not matter, it still is gonna go inside (kids' tummies) At least its edibleLOL Making more triangles, Dacing, working and having lots of fun

Now I'm going to do this interesting things This is a stamp that says 'eat me' Krishna's prasadam

So I have put a little bit of oil on it You may not be able to see it, AndYou just stamp it Actually, I'm going to put on these Just do it softly so that it does not squeeze out And this is looking so good Yeah as you have seen we have made our pastries They are not the best or good looking but They taste really good I give this ten out of ten, ten on ten I write this one, nine out of ten

(Vardh decides to play Judge) Okay, now we're going to sprinkle this with some sesame seeds Just saying this is Mayukh's creation, this is awesome Radhika's creation (Varadh has still his Judge's hat on) Varadh, which one you like? This one? Comment down below which one is better The round one or the square one? Mayukh turns serious – If you don't say Mayukh, I will hunt you down (to give you one more of his creationsLOL) I have decided that we need some coriander too So cutting some freshly picked and washed coriander And the reason we use claw is so that if your knife slips, it hits your nails and not your fingers

Safety first (everyone nods in agreement) No matter what you have, you have Krishna in your life Now, I am gonna put some coriander on top Time to open the oven to check the pizza scrolls kids can not hide their excitement Here they are!! Looking absolutely delicious, mouth watering Wowwe love it Safety first AND the cameraman takes a tumble LOL As you can see our pizza Scrolls are ready Now, I'm going to take them out and we need safety first

And we also need a clear way so that preventing us from any accidents And the pizza scrolls are ready You can see that you can make so many things without Onion, garlic, chicken, ham And everything looks so yummy Kids chanting in excitement Our Pizza scrolls are ready Yeah, there are weird shaped (courtesy our friendly guests) Guests are clearly in disagreement Now, let's get our triangles out So good! This is the one that I made (nice try, Mayukh) Yes, That's very good Ok, Everyone out of the way please (Very hot tray is coming) Comment down below, which one is better shaped While, everyone is arguing Krishnapriya is thinking of giving a special tip on voting the best looking triangle Please everyone, In the comments, put my name only, as mine was the best Shh Ummm What did she say? And the argument continues Radhika- I think she was saying that mine was the bestRight Krishnapriya? Krishnapriya – NO Anyway, bye from us Hare Krishna everyone! Bye! Hare Krishna, If you like this video Please subscribe to our channel and do not forget to hit the bell icon If you would like to help contribute to our next project, you can donate by clicking this button So, keep on watching more videos to have a super blissful life

Stay Tuned!

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