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How to Make Puff Pastry | The Great Canadian Baking Show



BRUNO: Today we're going to demonstrate how to make puff pastry First, you're gonna add salt into the flour and mix it together Add the water, but only half to start because I want to control the moisture in the flour

Gonna mix it, and then slowly add a teaspoon of water at a time to get the right consistency that's not too soft and not too hard Wrap the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes While my dough is chilling, I'm going to prepare my butter Using a rolling pin, pound the butter into a rectangle and then fold it into a square ♪ So now we're gonna fold the butter inside the dough

First we're gonna roll the dough into a nine by nine inch square Place the butter in the middle, take the corner of the dough and place it in a way that it meet in the middle Pinch the side of the dough to create like a pocket I'm gonna start to roll it a bit thinner You wanna get three times the length

Fold it into an almost perfect square I'm gonna repeat the same process for a total of three times Now my dough is finished I'm gonna roll it to an eighth of an inch thick And right now I'm gonna show you how to make pinwheel

First the most important part is how to cut it properly Cut my dough into four-inch squares and what I'm doing, I'm cutting four diagonal, then I'm gonna fold each corner into the middle and I'm gonna apply the egg wash The egg wash will give it a beautiful shine, colour and a nice crispiness as well ♪ As you can see you can shape puff doughs in different shapes and forms and here we have perfectly baked thin roll pinwheels, thicker rolled pinwheels, vol-au-vent filled with a creamy mushroom sauce and fruit pockets filled with jam ♪ Tasty, buttery, flaky, delicious

Source: Youtube

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