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How to make Pumpkin Soup at home – Vegan – Yummy Recipes Ep02



Pumpkin Soup Ingredients Weight Pumpkin 150g Carrot 50g Red and yellow bell peppers each 20g Next, we are going to stir-fry to scent Then, add 1000cc of water After the water is boiling, change to lower heat to boil for 15 minutes

Next, let's add about 3g of salt, 1g of sugar, some white pepper, Italian vanilla, and a little Pizza Grass After cooking with the seasoning for one minute, you can turn off the fire We will let it cool down for about 20 minutes because we want to use a juice machine later After 20 minutes, At the end, add some decorations with vegetables For example, now the sweet potato leaves are on the season(in Taiwan)

It would be a good option

Source: Youtube

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