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How to Make Recipe Videos With a Smartphone – Tasty, Buzzfeed



This video is brought to you by “The Whoot” In this video, you’ll learn how to film your own recipe video

You may have seen recipe videos on Buzzfeed articles or the Tasty Facebook page You can create your very own recipe video using very little equipment In this video, I’ll show you how to create your video using your smartphone and a tripod Let’s head over to the kitchen! Lighting is very important for high quality videos Make sure you’ve turned on sufficient lighting in the room

You can pick up a couple of can lights (like this one) from your local hardware store if you want to improve your lighting even more! For this video, we are only going to use the lighting we have in the room You'll need a tripod with a smartphone camera attachment (like this one) Attach your smartphone to the tripod Clean off an area of the countertop where you’d like to work, and position the tripod opposite of where you are going to be working with the camera pointed down Adjust the legs of the tripod as best as you can to still balance the phone without it tipping over

Now you’re ready to film! Here are a few tips to remember: Pre-measure all your ingredients and place them in small side dishes either on or off screen Don’t rush it! You can easily speed up or slow down footage in a video editor Film in one take Don’t stop recording unless you have to! After you’ve filmed your recipe, you’re ready for editing! I’m going to show you a few key tricks to edit your video like you’ve seen in Tasty videos online! I’ll be using the free iMovie software that comes with all Apple computers Import your video file into a new project and drag it to the timeline

If you don’t want any audio you can detach your audio from the video by right clicking on the video and then click detach audio Now click on the green audio file and press delete on your keyboard To zoom in on your video on the timeline, you can drag the slider bar over on the right side of the screen The next step is to split your video into clips Drag the cursor through the entire video and right click and select Split Clip everywhere a scene changes

After you’ve sliced your video into separate clips, you’re ready to change the speed settings of individual clips You can speed up or slow down individual clips as you desire Right click on the clip you want to speed up and then click Show Speed Editor You can drag the circle on the clip to left to speed up the clip or to the right to slow down the clip A rabbit shows that the clip has been sped up and a turtle shows that the clip has been slowed down

You may have noticed this “speed up” effect commonly used in Tasty videos while the cook is stirring Go through and edit all your individual clips as desired When you’re finished editing all the individual clips, you may notice that your hands will appear at the top of the screen If you want your hands to appear at the bottom of the screen, press Command A to select all clips, then come up to the top of the screen and click the crop button You then have the option to rotate the clip

When you’re finished press the check mark Now you’ll notice that your hands appear at the bottom of the screen The next step is to add Titles You can click on Titles at the top of the screen, and add text titles over the video clips, for ingredients or instructions The final step is to add some background music of your choice

Just click and drag your media file onto your timeline below the video clips You can adjust the volume by dragging the middle bar down or up Adjust the length of the audio as needed When you’re finished, share the file to whatever folder on your computer you’d like and you’re done! Recipe videos like these can be as easy or complex as you’d like them to be You can choose to use more equipment, lighting, and editing as you wish

This is a simple economical way to create your very own recipe videos to share with your friends and family! If you’d like to learn more about technology or cool tricks like this, come visit us at learnhowgroupcom and Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Like our Facebook page! Now go share this video with your friends and family! Thanks for watching!

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