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How to Make Savory & Sweet Crepes Recipe| Ricetta Crepes Light | English subtitles



Ciao friends, ciao everyone! Welcome back to my channel Today we're going to make together crepes because many of you requested it Those who follow me on social media know that I used to work in a crepes place a while ago when I was younger So, I have used wholewheat flour this time We have 100 gr of flour to which we add a whole egg We mix it a bit We start adding the milk, I have 350 ml, gradually to the batter We'll get a thin batter We're adding a pinch of salt I'm not adding sugar because I want to make some savory ones as well And this way I'll have a neutral batter perfect for sweet as well as for savory crepes If you want to add sugar you can add 40 grams I'm also adding a bit of oil, approx

1 tbs I will mix it again and then add the rest of the milk And our batter is ready! The batter should be thin like this I will heat up my pan now and I'll show it to you maybe you have something similar You can find these everywhere You will need a pan like this, mine is a quite large, non stick, ceramic one Okay, my pan is hot enough I'll add only a drop (oil) and then, with a paper towel, I will spread the oil Obviously you can use butter as well It has to be just slightly greased It doesn't have to be too oily Let's see if the pan is ready and we will add our first crepe Tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly If you want to add sugar to the batter for this recipe you can add 40 gr of sugar When you notice that the crepe starts to detach from the pan it means it's ready and we can flip it over Do you see? It detaches by itself Loosen it with the spatula to make sure it's not stuck to the pan and we flip it over Base on the type of flour you use you have to adjust the milk quantity I used wholewheat flower Adjust it as you need, I showed you how the consistency needs to be And all it's left now is for you to make some beautiful crepes If you want to make savory crepes soon after you flip it over, after a few seconds, you have to start adding the mozzarella cheese I recommend the grated mozzarella loaf, the one for pizzas If you can grate it you can leave it in the freezer, put the loaf in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, it will become harder and you'll grate it easier Because it has to be finely grated otherwise it won't get to melt fast enough as the crepes is so thin and you'll risk to either burn it or to eat the crepes with the mozzarella not melted Secret tip, if you don't have milk you can use sparkling water If you make them like this you'll get crepes with small wholes but don't worry about it, it's the result of the fizzy water but this way you risk less to get an uncooked crepe Based on my calculation 1 crepe has 17 carbs We'll start eating, happy breakfast to us because it breakfast time for us

Let's see how it is Delicious! I chose forest fruit jam today, it's so good Don't forget to subscribe to our channel Leave a like! You know what to do See you next time! Don't forget to smile! 🙂 Ciao! Ciao!

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New Cookery Recipes
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