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How to make Shortcrust Pastry for pies | Jamie Oliver


[UltraVid id=452 ]hi foodtubers I’m going to show you how to make the perfect pie pastry from scratch give it a twist and store it up for when you need it next okay beautiful pastry the old school rule is half fat to flour so we’ve got 600 grams of flour here plain flour you can sift it if you like a nice little pinch of salt goes in just to get a little bit of seasoning happening there of course the classic in the old pies would be to use lard or butter I’m using butter which is brilliant it’s nice and it’s sweet and gives wonderful color to pastry so got 150 grams of butter going in and then to make the fat half fat to flour I’m going 150 grams of cheddar cheese just bust it up in your hand you can grate it if you like right but the whole point of this is we have a beautiful golden rich sweet crumbly pastry right but with this wonderful little nuggets of cheese just melting in there okay so we’re going to use the rubbing in method so just with your thumb and forefingers just literally spend a couple of minutes just doing this you know if we’re going to make our own pastry do it by hand because you get that amazing crumble and that amazing flake that you simply can’t replicate by factory made pastry yes you can go and buy shortcrust pastry from the supermarket it will be very good this is amazing you can actually make it in a food processor and just pulse it it’ll be very good but it won’t be as good as this just two minutes rubbing this flour together can you see how the flowers gone from being chalky white to a sort of yellowy color it’s a little bit heavier now once you’ve rubbed it in like this I’m going to add about 250 grams of cold water mix it around we really don’t want to overwork this this recipe is about going back to roots a little bit of love care and attention also it’s about kind of under kneading it you know you always think you’ve got to knead it like bread don’t we want to literally just push the dough see what I’m doing I’m just packing it and pressing it together to make this because you don’t want to work the gluten in the flour that makes it elastic and that makes it hard and a little bit like eating the bottom of your shoes okay so we want to just push it together and that’s the key so look guys I’ve just pretty much pressed that pastry together that’s what it looks like beautiful I want to wrap that in cling film and leave it in the fridge for half an hour if you want to see where this pastry ends up and click the link and take a look at my beautiful Ozzie meat pie right now go and have a look quite as much as I do is there anybody out there

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