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How to Make Southern Sweet Potato Pie | Recipe by Stacy Lyn Harris



Hey I'm Stacy Lyn, today we're doing Southern Sweet Potato Pie Southern Sweet Potato Pie is definitely a favorite in my house

Here in the South sweet potatoes grow just about anywhere This recipe is absolutely my favorite I've worked to perfect it through the years I want a pie that has the perfect amount of sweetness, without hiding the flavors of the sweet potatoes Instead of meringue, or ordinary whipped cream, I've made this luscious Cream Cheese Whipped Cream that adds the richness, but not the sweetness, that you need for this pie

To top it all off, literally, I'm adding Candied Pecans And all of these components together make this pie to die for It is perfect and amazing, I can not wait for you to see it So let's get started The first thing I like to do when making a sweet potato pie is to make a homemade crust

You do not have to do this, you can skip this and buy whatever crust you want from the grocery store, put it in your pie shell, and you'll be finished But this is super easy, and I want you to give it a try So the first thing I want to do is put three cups of flour into a stand mixer You could do this all by hand if you want to It's super easy to do by hand, all you do is get a pastry cutter to cut the butter up, and your Crisco

Start with very cold ingredients So I have here, 1/3 cup of Crisco And I'm just gonna put it right on top, and then I have a 1 1/2 cup of butter Now, I cube it before I put it into my food processor And it's really easy to do, and I have a little trick for that

Cut it length-wise, four times across You can freeze your butter, and you're gonna make this process a little bit easier Okay then we're gonna go down the other side You're just gonna chop it now into little pieces So you want this to get distributed throughout the flour to add the fat that you need, the flavor that you need

We're gonna put this dough in the refrigerator and let it rest several hours, or even overnight, before you use it and it's gonna make the best dough ever Okay So I'm gonna add a little salt, about a teaspoon of salt, not much I give mine a little bit more cause I like to taste the salt in mine Okay, put the top on your food processor

Alright, so I'm just gonna let it go until it gets to be about, like small little peas That's the size that you want it So now I'm gonna pour in just a little bit of ice water Now if you want measurements, you can go to my website StacyLynHarriscom or you can get one of my books from Amazon, just look up "Stacy Lyn Harris" and you'll see it

I have a book called "Harvest" and this recipe is in there This is eight tablespoons of water by the way I'm putting it in tablespoon by tablespoon, because I don't want too much water Too much water will make it tough Alright so it looks about done, so I am going to get this and gather it and make a ball

When you go to roll this out, it's gonna be easier to roll It looks kinda, you know, crumbly right now, but when you finally get it back out of the refrigerator after it's rested, it's gonna be just perfect And you can always add a little bit of flour if it's too wet It's easier to correct it being too wet than too dry I'm gonna make a disc, because this is easier to roll out in the end, so I'm gonna kinda just smush it down, and make a disc

And I will be putting this in the refrigerator Okay, so let's make the filling We grow sweet potatoes here in the South, they are everywhere It's so easy to grow, and I have a pound and a half, right here, and these are not washed, but I would wash them, and then I boil them in water, until they're done So it takes probably about twenty minutes, depending on the size of them

Then I drain them, and when they're cool enough, you can just take the skin right off It's super easy Look at that, and then you just mash them with a potato masher and you are finished So I'm putting my sweet potatoes in here, this ends up being about three cups Anytime you do a pound and a half of sweet potatoes

No matter what they look like, no size or shape, you're one and a half pounds is gonna be exactly three cups I've got some brown sugar, a half a cup of Alaga, so what I'm gonna do here is just spray, and pour your syrup, and I love Alaga, it makes it taste really great This is cane syrup, you're gonna use half a cup, and you're gonna pour it right in here, and it should come right out, it's much easier than normal, it's thick and luscious, and delicious We're gonna put the three eggs, they're at room temperature, delicious Okay, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon, quarter teaspoon of ginger, you could use fresh ginger if you like, and a little nutmeg

And I do find that using fresh nutmeg makes it that much better I even sprinkle the nutmeg over the whipped cream at the end, because I love that nutmeg flavor I'm gonna use three quarter teaspoons of salt Salt with desserts is amazing, it brings everything out Last two things, a half a stick of butter, melted, and a cup of heavy cream

You can use half and half if you want to I'm not mixing it too much, and all of my sweet potatoes are not completely pureed, it's kind of throughout, and it gives you a luscious look to your pie in the end And I'm all about the way that the final product ends up looking, so I love that And part of the reason I don't use as many spices, is I want to see that orange from the sweet potato Now it's time to put the crust in the pie shell

It's been sitting out for about 30 minutes from the refrigerator, and I'm just gonna cut this in half because this makes two doughs, so if you need one for a top crust, then you're good to go, cause you've got your top crust and your bottom crust Or if you want to do a lattice, or if you want to do little designs all around your pie, you've got it made because you've got extra dough I'm gonna put a little bit of flour down Okay Put a little bit of flour on top of my dough

I'm gonna push it down in the middle, and roll it out This dough reminds me of sugar cookie dough, the way that it just kinda molds to whatever you're doing I'm gonna be making about a 13-inch round, and just keep starting from the middle and pushing it out the way you want it to go I'm gonna spray the dish with Pam and roll the crust up on my rolling pin, move it over, and unroll it into the pie shell And I'm gonna patch this right here, you don't wanna stretch your dough, because if you do it'll shrink in the oven

Super easy, okay So I'm gonna go around the edges with my knife and just cut it off and make it straight Now I'm gonna show you how to make this beautiful The first thing that I'm gonna do is take a little bit of cream, put cream all around the edges and it'll give it a nice shiny look You can also use egg whites if you want to

And then, I'm gonna make little decorations You can get these just about anywhere, at any kind of hobby store or kitchen store You can get pastry cutters So I'm just gonna push this down right here And this is really neat, cause this just pops right out

So here I have an acorn, and so I'm just gonna put it around the edges And this is just gonna be so pretty Okay so now, I'm gonna pour this mixture in to the pie shell And it's gonna be nice and full, and you want it to be Look at that, is that just beautiful

Okay Alright, now it's gonna go into a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes Now it is time for the luscious cream cheese whipped cream It's not very sweet, I did not make the pie part very sweet This is not very sweet but it's got just enough sweetness, so It's just perfect

And you've got to try this You can use this on cupcakes, you can use this on, even icing cookies I mean it is just such a versatile icing So I've already put in here eight ounces of cream cheese So now I'm gonna add to that two tablespoons of powdered sugar, and two cups of heavy whipping cream

I'm gonna add a teaspoon of vanilla, and now, for the best part, of this recipe, I'm gonna add a quarter cup of Alaga syrup We always have to have a pinch of salt I'm gonna add two pinches because I really like it that way We're gonna let this go until very high peaks form Okay, I'm gonna test it

Alright, that looks nice Okay that looks like a good consistency Okay so I'm just gonna fill my piping bag with the whipped cream I'm gonna put it way down in the bottom So if your pie comes out cracked, you can kinda cover it up by making little designs around the pie

Now it's time to make the candied pecans I am so excited to show you how easy this is Put about a tablespoon of butter, I'm gonna get it good and melted I had this on high but I'm turning it down to medium heat so that my nuts don't burn And if you're familiar with nuts, you can turn your head for just like one second and they will be burn

So don't ever walk away from your nuts Now I'm gonna put in two tablespoons of brown sugar And handy dandy Alaga syrup I'm using the cane syrup, they're original syrup for this It's dark and luscious, look at that

One, two Perfect I'm gonna get that good and mixed in To all the nuts, and then I'm gonna put in a pinch of salt Like I said you better keep your eyes on this, I'm watching it

I want them to brown, but I do but I do not want them to burn If you turn this heat off, and you continue stirring the pecans, you'll get that sugary outside texture, instead of the shiny texture, but if you completely take them off the heat and put them onto the parchment paper, which I have laying next to me, then you'll get a shiny texture, and that's what I'm gonna do, and it's time So all the liquid has been soaked up, and now it's time to go on to the parchment paper And I'm just gonna try to split them apart while they're going on here because I don't want them sticking together Now let's get that finished pie out of the oven

Alright, this pie looks amazing Look at that That is beautiful Mmmhm Perfection

So here is your Southern Sweet Potato Pie with Cream Cheese Whipped Cream and Candied Pecans Does it get any better than that? For more information, check out my website StacyLynHarriscom I'm Stacy Lyn, see you next time!

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