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Hi guys, and [hope] you're well Thanks again for joining me in my kitchen and this week We will be making a very popular classic Indian snack for any occasion especially when entertaining guests spring rolls can be made with vegetables and chicken or you can also just leave out the chicken if you wish It's so easy and simple to make Basically all you do is cook some delicious ingredients in a pot, then roll it in a spring roll Which you can fry in oil or bake in the oven this recipe will make around 35 to 40 rolls All the ingredients can [be] found in your local supermarket So let's get started you will need Once you can feel it [it's] chopped into small cubes 85 Grams of Butter 1 Potato diced into small cubes 1 carrot finely cut with a julienne cutter half red and half green pepper cut into small pieces 100 grams of sweet corn 100 grams of boiled spaghetti break them into small pieces and boil them the spices that you will need are salt to taste 1 TSP cumin Powder 1 [teaspoon] of Coriander Powder quarter teaspoon of Turmeric 1 [tSP] of Grinded Fresh Green Chillies 1 teaspoon of Garlic paste and 3 tablespoons of chili sauce to Garnish a handful of chopped spring onions and fresh green Coriander 1 [tbSp] of sesame seed and juice of 1 fresh Lemon and Finally the main ingredient is a packet of spring roll pastry and to stick the pastry down [I've] made a paste with flour and water and oil to fry so first Pre-Heat your pot and add the butter the heat should be on medium heat once that's melted I'm going to add the chicken and the Chili Sauce and [mix] up to Paulin We will let this cook until a [little] water is left Okay, so let's just check this see how it's getting on there still [single] to [left], so I'm just going to cover that for a little bit longer, so [that's] great

That looks about ready, so let's go ahead and [throw] [in] all the other ingredients Be gentle when you're mixing it you don't want to break anything Because it spaghetti spoiled [I] will add that [a] bit later, and then the mixture is called I will add that garnishing ingredients as that's cooking through you will be able to smell the lovely aroma coming from these awesome colorful Ingredients it just smells so delicious So I'll switch the heat off and going to add the spaghetti And mix the spaghetti in gently There you go all done [so] let's get the pastry out and let's get rolling So I've got my pastry sheets, and I've got my paste which I made from plain flour and water it's very easy, but if you want to see how I made it pop over to my Salusa video where I show you how I'm going to use the paste and just paste these sides Get some of my filling Let's see just about a tablespoon and just spread it along fold the sides like this a Little bit more paste at the Edge here, and I'm just going to start Rolling Make sure the feeling is intact There you go This is how it should [look] like the Don't pack it too tight otherwise [when] frying the pastry will burst so make sure it's nice and even all along This is hot and ready for frying which you will know if you put the tip of the spring roll in the oil it will stop sizzling Eventually put the spring rolls in slow you don't want the oil to sputter everywhere The wind should be on too Low, so [it] cooks efficiently These are about done

Just make sure you wait for a lovely golden brown color before [you] take them out These delicious spring rolls are very popular and moorish one Just won't be enough They should [be] nice and crunchy like this Try it out and if you have any questions Leave [me] a comment below if you like this recipe share it with your friends and please do give me a thumbs up Thank you for watching and see you next time

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