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How to Make Sweet Corn Vada Recipe in Telugu Home Cooking | Sweet Corn Vadalu Recipe | కార్న్ వడలు



Welcome to Swathi Vlogs Save Trees Save Life Save Nature Sweet Corn 01 Grind Sweet Corn like Semi paste

Take mixing bowl add Jeera – 01teaspoon add Garam Masala – 01teaspoon add Coriander Powder – 01teaspoon add Pepper Powder – 01teaspoon add Salt to taste add one Carrot Shredded add Corainder Leaves add Onions Chopped – 01 add Green Chilli – 02 add Lemon – Half add Besan Flour – 02 tablespoons add Rice Flour – 02 tablespoons and mix everything well like this Heat Oil as per deep fry and make batter into round shapes like how you are seeing now add them in heated oil and fry for 03mins or till color changes in medium flame and remove Sweet Corn Vada Repeate the same process for letf over batter and the Sweet Corn Vada snack gets ready Now, tasty Sweet Corn Vada recipe is ready to serve and Enjoy Eating

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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