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How To Make The Perfect Hamburger Patty – Secrets And Tips


[UltraVid id=259 ]today we’re going to learn how to make burger patties at home the right way because you were making it wrong all these years lean ground beef does not make a good burger you want at least 20 percent fat if not more if not more at least 20 percent fat I would try to get 25 percent fat and I would look for ground chuck when I make a patty I don’t want to I don’t want to form it too much I want to keep it loosely formed because when you cook something that’s been pressed together too much it’s going to turn it into like my father used to call them hockey pucks you know a lot of a lot of manly men will you know really get in there really make this you know really well it’s you know you and I think that’s wrong you gotta be gentle gentle the other trick here is once you got your burger done you know you set it down and you think you’re all good to go one of the tricks that I’ve learned is the old thumper in the center have you ever seen that before mm-hmm so that a keeps it from balling up you know when you could take fresh beef and you put it on or you cook it it will all tighten and it’ll ball up like a golf ball so this allows it to cook evenly in the center and it will keep it flat the other trick I do is I refrigerate it before I put it on the grill I’ll put it in the refrigerator for about 15 or 20 minutes let it cool back down again before I put it on the girl I think people under seasoned I think people are always afraid of salt and pepper when they cook and don’t forget a fair amount of it actually falls off I don’t put salt and pepper inside the meat I won’t put it in a bowl put salt pepper and mix it up I also won’t put salt and pepper on a burger a long time before I cook it I’ll put it on right before I cook cook it cause if you put salt on too soon it’ll pull all the moisture out of the burger and then liberally season with pepper I mean I personally I love a lot of pepper on when I put it on the grill I will put it seasoning side down then I’ll season the other side on the grill my other rule on the grill is put it down don’t touch it no pushing no turning mm-hmm leave it resist all temptations to be a caveman because you push everything everything about a great burger when you have a great burger you say how what is it this burger is so juicy ah taking the juices out and when you it loses it so why do people do it I don’t see the flames they don’t realize that they’re putting the the flames are coming from the grease it’s our genetic code it’s a manly thing beer flames the trick is that you learn what temperature the burger is by how much resistance you get and there’s different parts of your your your hand that can show you the different temperatures exactly so I some people do it on this side of the hand so building this side of the hand I go here so if you push right here it’s harder than it is right here so this is medium well and this is medium rare so medium well medium rare medium and when you push here and you push here you’re at the same doneness and then you take it off and you should let a burger rest before you put it on the bottom now that rest think a minute or two if you go right to the bun right because those juices don’t redistribute you soak through the bottom bun and you go to pick it up and are all falls apart and actually when I let it rest I flip it over halfway milah resting that’s an insider trick so they’re a habit so don’t be afraid make it bigger then it’s final burger put your finger through the middle thumbprint in the middle over season flip once never squeeze and you should have a great burger happy grilling you

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