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How To Make Three-Meat Ragu Pasta By Rachael



Tuscan Three Meat Sauce for spaghetti (air whooshing) So pici is particular to Tuscany, particular to the region

Okay And it's super dense spaghetti Yum! So you can make this dish just with regular spaghetti, or bucatini, Yeah You know, the hollow spaghetti Sure What I want you to do, Nate

Okay Is liberally salt the water This is the only chance you get to flavor the pasta itself Okay And then gently slide your pici in

And just, Okay, all of it? Move it around a little Okay All of it, yes Okay In this pot, instead of carrots, celery and onions

I did carrots, shallots and fennel Fresh fennel, and celery So we have our sofrito, or the beginning of our sauce Okay Now we're going to add fresh sage and fresh rosemary

Beautiful Okay? We're going to add a little bit of nutmeg to our sauce We grate in our garlic, we wait to put in the garlic and the herbs so we don't singe them This is beef, pork and veal, add it to the pot How? With your hands! Oh my god

No I'll do it, but, like, do I Pick up the paper Oh, just throw it in? And put, yes, put it in to the pan (audience laughs) Look how he does that without even touching it (audience cheers) Now take this, Okay And break it up as it cooks

I thought you were gonna make me, like, make little chunks with fingers and stuff No, no, no It's fine You have to get over these things (audience claps) Now, very traditional

Smell Wow Very traditional, to Tuscan food It's the use of porchinis, porchini season is very limited So we've reconstituted dried prochinis, I'm going to chop that up and we're now going to add our very traditional ingredient for Tuscan cooking, porchinis

Porchinis, okay Right? So we put the porchini in, and now we're gonna do the fun part We're gonna add about a cup of white wine and let it absorb into the meat Okay And we're going to add our beautiful porchini stock

Got it Nice Okay Okay, when you're making anything with reconstituted mushrooms, some of the grit from the mushroom may fall to the bottom of the pot Got it

So you always reserve the last couple spoonfuls, you don't, Really? You don't use that last bit We're gonna add our tomatoes and let them cook out with our meat (crowd clapping) So we drain our pasta, in this case, pici, the Tuscan fat spaghetti that's very dense, takes about 22 minutes to cook So now we're marrying the pasta, to a little butter and cheese, this is pecorino, AKA sheep's milk, salty, grated cheese Yum

And now we're gonna, Nate would you turn that off for me babe? Sure This is our three meat Tuscan style meat sauce with our porchini I would have never thought Yeah? to pick it up with a coffee mug I would've been, like, with a ladle, and like ahhh (Rachael laughing) I would've used this, probably

Yes That would only take a year Right And then we're going to pour the pasta into the serving bowl And then we're going to, no, it's not yes yet

It is kind of yes yet I gotta say, they're right It smells so good It isn't It's literally like this, Its not done

Plate, bye It's not done (crowd clapping) This pasta is served with a little bit of acidity, we put lemon zest over the top And it gives it a brightness, Okay And it helps cut through all of the three meats and the cheese, and the butter, and all that

Now, my friend (crowd cheers and claps) Cheers! Cheers love! Thank you (crowd cheering and applause)

Source: Youtube

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