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How to make Tofu look and taste like Chicken



Hey, you remember this time, years ago, the time you tried to cook tofu, and you were like: "Come on, man, I'm too vegan, I eat tofu!" And after you were like: "A minute, it tastes like wet cardboard, what's that?" "Oh, but it's wet cardboard" "Oh, my God, it's horrible !!" Well, prepare to try again, Because I understood how to transform this porridge without taste in a firm, meaty and super tasty addition to many dishes Look at me this texture, it's tofu compete! Ok, we need firm or extra firm tofu The trick is to dry the tofu as much as possible Now, as you will have to freeze the tofu, I propose to prepare several blocks at the same time, like that you have all the time available in the freezer

OK, so, drain the tofu, Go look for a wipe, gently pat down the Tofu Cut the tofu in two in this way Put it on the side And cut it like that Same thing with the other pieces By cutting the block in four like this, you will have easier to mop the tofu, because there is more surface through which water can escape To evacuate the water, you pack the tofu in a bath towel, 2-3 times should be enough Put 2-3 heavy stuff on it, Be careful not to put too much weight so as not to crush your tofu Ok, let it dry for 30 minutes and it should be good If not, you can also buy one of these incredible tofu presses Do you see how it works? I decided to make my own tofu press I cut this stuff out of a plastic cutting board, I drilled holes to get the water Ask that, put the tofu, then another thing over it, Even more tofu, One more thing, then you take one of these devices "Oh, Bonjooouuur" One here, and one there

Let me know if you want a video on how to do this thing It's great because you can also pretend it's a horse [Horse noise incontinent] Excellent! 30 minutes later, look at the amount of water that has escaped Sorry for the little piece thaws there Ok, you see how tofu is compressed now? Look: here is the tofu before compression And here it is after This is the process that turns tofu from porridge to meaty Oh, what a wonder !! You understand?? Oooh, sorry

just a little drying, not too hard Then stack them and cut them until they have small pieces They are about the same size as what Americans call "Tater Tots" Dry your tofu packaging, and put your little bits of tofu

Direction the freezer This will strengthen the tofu and make it more fleshy If you were to wonder how the process works, The simplest answer is: "The elves of the freezer" Ok, that's good, tofu should be frozen now Take them out And divide them with a knife, or something like that The fastest way is the microwave put them on a plate But by melting, the water will stagnate in the bottom of the plate and the tofu may reabsorb Not a big problem, but I'm a genius, I took two containers, I made holes in this one

We put the tofu here, We put dad in mom, And by melting, the water will go through these holes! (The concept can be reused for all defrosting processes) Problem solved ! So, defrost them in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes, or until they are thawed align them on a bath towel, and press lightly until more water is flushed out OK! It's time for seasoning! Put all the small pieces in a bowl, And cover with a light layer of soy sauce This adds a slight hint of flavor inside the tofu Watch out for the heavy hand, because the goal is to keep the tofu dry If there was to be a puddle of sauce at the bottom of the bowl, get rid of it and it should be good Then add a touch of oil, this will prevent you from charring the outside of your tofu when it is in the oven

then mix until all pieces are coated then a pinch of salt, which will add a little taste to the outside of the tofu, but will also prevent moisture from entering during cooking And finally, a little maïzena® This is what will give tofu its crispy, caramelized and tasteful coating Mix them! I think I put too much maïzena® We take it off, And mix until you do not see maïzena® anymore Small pieces like these, rub them against each other until it disappears And it's good ! Take your most beautiful tray in Bacon, Put in it the whole tofu, And it's gone for the oven for 20 to 30 minutes (Preheated oven, 180 ° C) Or until it looks like something like this

So, all this brown caramelization is due to a trick known as the "Maillard Reaction" which translates into French by: If yum yum becomes brown, Yum yum becomes very delicious It's the same reaction that browns chicken or toast when cooked, and who makes them so delicious Ok, listen to me this: The outside of the tofu has become extremely dry, Which is a good thing, because it means that when you mix tofu with sauce, it will become a real sponge, absorbing all the flavors, softening a little, but leaving the inside firm and fleshy So let's say you make noodles, vegetables and noodles are cooked, Just add the tofu in it, As well as the sauce of your choice, We mix, mix, mix! Fry for 3 more minutes or so, until the sauce has warmed And it's enough time for the tofu to absorb the flavors of the sauce Ok, it's time to watch the tofu again OK, we're listening! We hear that slab, huh? That's because the breadcrumbs of tofu have absorbed all the sauce, which made it mole and full of taste As you can see, I have more trouble tearing it than normal tofu

"Go on, you can do it!" Uuuurg! And here, look at me that! Now if I cut one in two, you can see here the soft layer which contains all the flavor of caramelization and sauce while the interior remained firm, fleshy but tender For a quick comparison: Here is tofu prepared following a typical recipe that can be found on the net, I pressed them, and cooked in aluminum until they turned brown As you can see, it's a little softened, there's not a lot of texture, Some like it so, and it does not matter, But I need a little more chewing and a little more flavor You can also add these pieces of tofu to a curry, Here is my korma he has already simmered, just add the pieces of tofu Mix well, back on the lights for a few minutes, and it's ready to be served Chop a small piece of tofu

God, how hot it is! And it will not be exactly like chicken but, for a vegan, it will be pretty good Ok, one last idea: We are at the hard layer on the outside Check! We fuck them in a bowl, we put BBQ sauce, as well as sriracha that I had never tried but that I appreciate a lot We mix, mix, mix! We serve them, A little vegan mayo, a little decoration on the top and the sauce will warm up, thanks to the tofu, This will give the tofu a sticky coating Brilliant! And that is all

That's what works for me You will probably have to adjust the temperature and the time in the oven, depending on the brand of tofu you use But basically, that's it I hope you enjoy

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