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How To Make Traditional Irish Stew | Donal Skehan


[UltraVid id=202 ]hi foodtubers today I am gonna show you a beautiful Irish classic recipe tender braised lamb sweet carrots and celery and onions and then a beautiful buttery potato topping this is a skin family Irish stew and it’s a classic recipe in my head it’s so good and it is beautiful for Paddy’s Day but also all year round great comfort food heat a large casserole pot over our high heat and add in a good drop of rapeseed oil I’m using shoulder of lamb here because it when you tenderly braise if you get this beautiful melt in the mouth meat what you want to make sure you do it in batches so that you get a good color on all the sides of the lamb season with a pinch of salt and pepper this has to be one of the best parts of making Irish stew as soon as you start searing that meat on the base of the casserole the smells in the kitchen just start erupting from the pan and it gets all around the house and what you are doing here is getting all wonderful little brain bits at the bottom of the pan and that’s where the flavor is gonna come from for your Irish stew so good the great thing about an Irish Jew is that it doesn’t take too many ingredients you’ve got onion carrot celery and potatoes for very very simple ingredients and a bay leaf and a few other things but it is really easy to make chop up some celery some carrots and roughly chopped 2 onions now these 3 classic ingredients you’ve got onions you’ve got carrots and you’ve got celery they’re gonna create a wonderful base you’ve got sweetness from the onions and the carrot and then a slight bitterness from the celery but it’s going to create wonderful base flavors for a stew like this fry the veggies until just tender and season with a little bit of sea salt and black pepper while the veggies are recovering nice and tender and soaking up all those lovely lamb juices my Irish Jew has a little bit of a twist in the fact that I don’t put the potatoes in the stew and I layer them on top in Nice slices with lots of butter and salt and pepper it’s absolutely delicious add the meat back into the pan and give it all a good mix through add in some good quality beef stuff and a baby I’ve got all the ingredients in the pot ready to rock for my Irish juice so now we need to talk potatoes I’m just gonna layer them over the top in a nice kind of even pattern you don’t have to worry about it looking too pretty but just get them just ever so slightly layering I think this looks great because when it goes into the oven and a cook stand with a little bit of butter on top it is really beautiful and golden and just the way you want an Irish stew to be give it a last seasoning of salt and pepper lid goes on and this is now gonna cook for an hour and a half at a hundred and sixty degrees Celsius until it’s really nice and tender check this out I’ve taken the lid off during the cooking time so it allows the liquid to reduce a little bit and it also allows for that potato top to get nice and crispy but look at this the smell that is the smell of my childhood I want you to give it a go cause it is so simple a great way to celebrate st. Patrick’s Day but also a great comfort food dinner throughout the year you want to check out the recipe it’s in the box below where you can also subscribe and I want you to leave me lots of comments so for now we’ll say goodbye you

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