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How To Make Vegetable Fried Rice.


[UltraVid id=298 ]hey guys Christian Caribbean pop dot-com welcome to my kitchen it’s another dark gloomy day in southern Ontario here I asked you guys on Facebook if you’d care for a recipe I’m making vegetarian or vegetable fried rice tons of you said yes so here it goes guys we’re making vegetable fried rice and everything is all set and ready to go here gives me an opportunity to bring out my walk out of the basement guys I just love look working with this wok if you’re watching this on you to remember about me you’re gonna see that subscribe button click on it it means you’re gonna get all the latest videos as soon as they get published below is we’re gonna leave me your questions and comments or concerns anything you want me to know how hey maybe you don’t like the video leave it in the comment section below and don’t worry one more thing guys give the video the thumbs up or click on the like button I appreciate when you guys do that let’s get cooking we’re gonna make some vegetarian fried rice something a lot of people do not be asking for more vegetarian recipes so here it goes guys yeah let’s see if we could quickly run through the ingredients there guys and in this bowl here I’ve got the star of the show 4 cups of cooked brown rice I love using brown rice you can use white rice any sort of rights that you guys like using feel free to use that I cooked it without any salt because I’m gonna add salt to this I’m gonna add soy sauce to the dish I really didn’t want to cook it with any salt so it is it’s been cooked without any salt and it’s nice and grainy because I’ve had it in the fridge overnight but keeping it in the fridge overnight you’re gonna get that nice greeny sort of texture that we’re looking for in this bowl I’ve got 1 cup of diced carrots half a cup of diced celery and when I was dicing all these ingredients here I tried to keep them uniform in size to allow for even cooking they I’ve got two scallions that I cut up as well half a cup of green bell pepper feel free to use yellow red orange whatever color you want to brighten up this dish a bit feel free to use it one large onion that I diced up as well here I’ve got three cloves of garlic crushed and half a teaspoon of crushed ginger down below here I’ve got two tablespoons of soy sauce dark soy sauce and it’s gonna add color it’s when that saltiness it’s gonna add that rich oriental swing to this guys maybe during the cooking process and may need a bit more so stay tuned and kiss I’m adding some more I will let you know here I’ve got 1 cup of frozen peas we’ll also need some sesame oil I’m guessing maybe about half a teaspoon he doesn’t want to overpower this with a sesame oil as sometimes you may find done some fresh ground black pepper I’m guessing maybe about a quarter of a teaspoon of that as well as some vegetable oil I’m going to use about two tablespoons of vegetable oil and making this as usual if I forgot anything during this process Europe of naming all the ingredients I will let you know during the cooking process the wok is nice and hot now I’m just gonna add that couple tablespoons of vegetable oil to it and guys you gotta be you gotta have everything prepared because this is gonna go fast we’re using high heat here to cook everything so you really wanna I mean it’s a if you don’t have a wok feel free to use a big pan no worries the first thing I’m gonna add in there is the garlic as well as [Music] right away I’m gonna add the diced onion in there as well the cool things down a little bit I’m gonna let that cook for a minute or two and then we’re gonna add some more stuff here immediately the kitchen is it’s full of rich garlic ginger cooking onions the scent is amazing now we’re gonna add the diced carrots because that’s gonna be these the hardest thing to cook through just that we don’t want to necessarily cook it till it’s soft however we want to allow it to cook through that’s a little bit you still want that little bit of crunch bang I’m also gonna add the two celery as well and give that a minute or two to stop enough the carrots the celery is on skinning nice and soft now it’s cooked a little maybe halfway through and this is gonna add the bell pepper into there and this is when I’m gonna hit it with the black pepper as well diced a nice good dose of black pepper this is probably the first dish you’re gonna on Caribbean pasta come where I’m not necessarily using any scotch bonnet or habanero peppers I’m gonna allow that to cook for one more minute and then we’re gonna keep adding some building on it we’re gonna stop building some more flavors here guys so this is where I’m gonna add the sesame oil as well as the soy sauce a lot of people tend to add the soy sauce later on in the cooking process but I like adding it know just to build on those flavors and it makes Corning’s of rice evenly a lot easier once you add it at this point everything’s gonna go nice and dark here now give that a minute to warm through and then we’re gonna add all the other ingredients next stop I’ll toss it in those frozen peas are we gonna stop adding the rice well that’s what remember what I said about there being grainy guys this is exactly what I mean it just came out of the fridge about in half of the rice yeah now that’s going to keep tossing this and adding more pick up all of those flavors from the soy sauce from the garlic from the ginger from the sesame oil at the bottom of the pan here I’m just gonna keep adding the right spice and allowing it to heat through have no added all the rice I’ve given it a good stir and I’m looking at the color of the rice and I’ve much preferred to be a bit darker to be honest with you the other thing is if you recall I didn’t cook the rice with any salt and I tasted it it still needs a little bit more salt so what I’m gonna do guys to compensate for that salt and the lack of color that I’m looking for and I’m just gonna add one more tablespoon of that dark soy sauce I’m gonna give that a good stir and allow it to cook for about four minutes to warm through all that rice and to marry every all those flavors together it’s now been cooking for about five minutes since I added the rice if I recall I added some more soy sauce one thing I’ll at this point guys what you want to do I have the perfect color that I’m looking for however when I tasted it it still required some salt so this is where you’re gonna taste it and figure out just about how much salt you need every one of us has a different tolerance for salt so then I can’t comment on how much salt would be perfect for you guys I added 3/4 teaspoon of salt to this note at the end here can I give it a good stir final step guys and I want you guys to notice something here there’s a lot of green in here if you guys have added I’m gonna say I chipped out and I bought the cheap green pepper bell peppers you can use nice red or orange or something to really brighten this up a little bit more so it’s gonna add a bit more color we all eat with our eyes first it’s gonna be a lot more attractive all this while I had this cooking on a medium heat if you guys are wondering I’m just gonna finish it up with those green onions turn the heat off and give it a good stir and that’s it guys the vegetarian or vegetable fried rice is all done it’s nice and grainy as you can see nothing is clumping together the house the kitchen everything smells wicked hey I guess I’m gonna say this is vegetarian fried rice but you know a boy has to grill some chicken or something to go with this this is amazing I urge you guys to give this a try it’s packed with flavor and any Kris says is good it’s got to be good right Christian curry bean pod calm thanks for joining me in the kitchen today guys I hope you guys give this recipe a try and remember to click subscribe above thanks for joining me in the kitchen guys

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