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How to Marinate



– Hey, Chef Billy Parisi here from Heinen's Grocery Stores Thanks so much for stopping in today

I'm gonna show you how easy it is to marinate your proteins and your vegetables so we can bring about so much flavor and make all of your food that much better Marinating is such an easy way to infuse so much good flavor into all of your meats: your pork, chicken, meat, and fish, or even vegetables The two biggest things that you need are acid and salt, and by acid I mean either some sort of vinegar or citrus, like lemon, lime, or orange Salt is a great way to season up everything in that marinade, and a few other things that you could add are fresh or dried herbs, and of course, fat By that I mean olive oils, regular oils, because think about some of those things that you're marinating, vegetables or even fish, low on fat

This will help bring about some awesome flavors With that being said, I wanna show you one of the easiest, most delicious marinades you can make, and it's called mojo I'm gonna start by adding in some orange juice to a blender, followed up by hitting it with some onions, some garlic cloves We're gonna add in a little fat, a little bit of olive oil here, and then some dry spices I've got some cumin, some oregano

Of course, we're gonna season it very well with salt and pepper We're gonna blend it up until all those ingredients are completely combined and smoothed out And I always say, "Taste your marinades" It should be really intense in flavor Remember, you're not eating the marinade itself, you're eating the thing that it is marinading, so all of those flavors need to penetrate that so that it's extremely flavorful

Now, when it comes to marinading, what I like to do is I place everything in a plastic zip bag You can, of course, use a container So add whatever it is you like to marinade In this case, I've got a nice pork shoulder, and then what I wanna do is pour that marinade all over the top, seal up the bag, and then move those ingredients around Get them pushing up against that protein

And I wanna stop and say this You don't have to completely submerge whatever it is you're marinating for the flavor to come into full contact with it Sometimes, I give it a few flips in the refrigerator every two to three hours just so that all sides are completely coated So don't worry if you think, "Oh my goodness, I don't have enough marinade" It will be just fine

And of course, if you have something that's big like this, I sometimes put it in a plastic container just to keep it upright so things aren't slanting in the refrigerator And when it comes to marinade times, I always say, "At least four to six hours, "and for best results, overnight" The more time a marinade has to infuse into the protein, the more flavorful it becomes I definitely would not go over 48 hours, as the acid can cause the proteins to break down and come really stringy like It's just not very good

With that being said, that doesn't mean you prepare it at night, wake up in the morning and cook your food That means the day before you make your marinade, you start marinating, whether it's during the day or at night, and then the next day whenever you're ready to cook it, you take it out of the marinade and cook it Don't be so prescriptive, have some fun Now another food that I have just to show you is I've got some shrimp That's right, we can marinade shrimp as well

I'm gonna keep this in a plastic container That same mojo marinade I'm gonna pour right over the top, making sure all the shrimp are submerged Because this container's nice and tall, it's really easy to do Pop a lid on, we're going in the refrigerator, again overnight Such an easy way to bring out so much flavor in food, and you can have so much fun

It doesn't stop at this mojo marinade Member that balsamic vinaigrette I made? A delicious marinade for all your meats and all your vegetables Have some fun using acid, and salt, and fats to incorporate great flavor into whatever it is you're cooking I can't wait to cook this We'll see ya next time

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