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How To Meatless Meatballs / Vegan



We made a trip to the Kimberley and we met John the founder of The Chia Co you know awesome forward-thinking farmer who bought chia seeds into the Kimberley and have created this this beautiful Auzzie product so it was really exciting to actually learn more about how chia seeds are grown why the Kimberley was picked and to you know as a chef understand where it comes from and how we can look at this ingredient a little bit different 15 years ago I was researching trends in the food industry and really recognized health and wellness was a mega trend and consumers were looking for healthier options so the main benefits a plant-based omega-3 so it's a mega three ala which is really good for cardiovascular health and skin and hair different to the fish omega-3 and it's also really high in dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble that helps for question absorption but also helps seeing them make you feel full so we're lucky enough to explore Kununurra and to meet John and to be shown around the beautiful chia fields so also thinking how can I use chia seeds a little bit differently we've all had cheer puddings we've all had them sweet and for breakfast but I thought I create a dish with chia seeds that savory dish so this is an vegan so it's chia seed meatless meatballs so the meat is mushrooms sure you see it at a binding agent it's gonna add a whole bunch of making Omega threes in there and then we have some nutritional yeast which is going to add a really nice cheesy flavor this recipe is kind of like you fry it all off you mix it all together I call it a mosh pit rest because everything goes into One Bowl you bake it and you eat it really quick really easy and delicious ! DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE FROM OUR WEBSITE DOWNLOAD THE FREE RECIPE FROM OUR WEBSITE DOWNLOAD THE FREE RECIPE FROM OUR WEBSITE Subscribe to our YouTube channel ! Check out The Chia Co ! see you next week yeah happy cooking I'm just gonna go with fingers see ya

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