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Onions are always in the kitchen as an important ingredient that is always ready for a variety of dishes Hello! It's Terry

Welcome to "How to Onion" Today I would like to introduce 6 types of onions Yellow onion Red onion New Onion White onion Pecarus shallot Green onions and long green onions will be in another category, so I will not include them in this video The difference between each type of onion in this video I would like to show you the taste, texture, storage method, storage period, nutrition and onion recipes Yellow onion The yellow onion, called "Yellow Onion" in English, is the most versatile onion sold to any supermarket The spiciness and bitterness of onions are caused by a compound called "sulfur" Eating raw yellow onions has a tasty and spicy taste, The more you bake it, the softer, sweeter and tastier it will be

Red onion The characteristic is that the peel is reddish purple The onion has a sweetness and sourness with little aroma and spiciness peculiar to the onion I think it is suitable for raw eating And because the color is beautiful, it is also good for salad decoration White onion The characteristic of white onion is that the skin is white As you can see, the white onions I bought are bigger than the general ones

It looks like a small pumpkin www It's made of various sizes, so it's not always so big The taste is very mild I don't think it's particularly spicy or sweet White onions are also good for raw eating, but I personally prefer red onions New Onion Larger and flatter than regular onions

It is characterized by opaque skin and high water content The taste is very spicy and very sweet You can chew raw and eat it like an apple The sweet onions used in this video are Awajishima onions I searched Google for the sweetest onion in Japan and it came out, so I ordered it! The famous sweet onions in the United States are Vidalia and Walla Walla from Georgia

Pecarus "Petite Onion" "Pearl Onion" "Baby Onion" or Pekaros There are various names, but not all are the same Pecaros is also available in red, white and yellow varieties The one used in this video is a Pekaros bought at a nearby supermarket The taste is sweet and delicious even when eaten raw

Onions are often used to make "roasted onions" and "cream onions" shallot In a shape like big garlic It is considerably more expensive than ordinary onions and is often used in French cuisine It is characterized by a slight taste of garlic Raw food is NG, but it is delicious when cooked and eaten Of course, this is just a basic guideline

I think there are more than 100 kinds of onions depending on the country you live in How to save onions The ideal onion storage method points are: Store in a cool, dark, dry, well-ventilated place It's cool Ideal temperature is 4-10 ° C It is 40-50 degrees for Faren Height Manufacturing below room temperature and above this temperature If it's too warm, buds will come out If it is too cool, the onions will soften and the taste will change

dry Onions will rot in humid places dark If you hit the light for a long time, it will become bitter and less delicious Good circulation of air As is a common mistake, do not store in a plastic bag I think it's best to buy a paper bag, make a hole with a hole punch, put onions and save! With this method, you can keep it for about 2 months in summer and about 6 months in winter After that, please do not save with potatoes

If you put them together, the onions will rot quickly High in vitamin C, so good for the skin! Because it is high in antioxidants, it also has the effects of preventing cancer and lowering blood pressure Fiber high calorie low In other words, it's a healthy vegetable! It's not a science video, so it takes 10 seconds! Onion recipe This is the production! I've collected 10 ways to eat onions, so I'd like to explain them one by one! Of course, there are many others, but this is just the basics Raw food You can eat it as it is Slice red onions, white onions, and new onions

You can enjoy the sweetness and spiciness by putting it in a salad bowl Really delicious! Roast There is no need to cut, slice, or peel We recommend using sweet onions This is because the yellow onion is not very sweet even when roasted Cut only the head and root

Place on a baking plate Sprinkle olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper Mix properly Put butter on top Roast in the oven at 180 degrees for 1 hour This is done! Give Junk Food, but it feels a little healthier than potato fries! I'm not healthy at all yet I think everyone likes Oion Fly I like recipes that are low in oil After that, I will use red onions and new onions

2 tablespoons of potato starch Soft flour 2 1/2 tbsp 1 tsp baking powder 5 tbsp milk 1 tsp salad oil Curry powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp Mix well and serve over medium heat (about 170 degrees) This is done! caramel It takes a very long time (about 1 hour) It's very delicious, so please make it When finished, it shrinks slightly, so use a lot of onions Mix and continue to mix until brown It's okay to listen to Netflix or music, so when you notice it's done! It is delicious to eat with hamburg and fried food There is also the use of the Calle Mel Onion

Put the consomme in the caramel onion you made Add brandy or white wine Mix well until boiling Put in a small bowl Put the sliced ​​bread on top In addition, let's put in a cheeze! When you heat it in the oven at 240 degrees for 5 minutes, "French Onion Soup" is completed blend I made it two weeks ago Very easy The first method is "Puree Onion"

Put the roasted onion in the blender Add a little lemon and Olive Oil Mix well That's it! The second method is "Onion Soup" Boil the onions well until they are tender Put the butter and soft flour in another pan and mix until it becomes a paste Add onion water and milk and mix until creamy

Finally add the consomme and mix with a blender When finished, boil again in the pan to the desired concentration That's it! stir fry If you don't know what to do, fry it! If I don't know how to make it, I usually stir-fry it 🙂 Put it in a pan and season it with soy sauce or salt It's not as sweet as caramel, but it's usually delicious grill Don't forget the onions if you BBQ outside

At yakiniku restaurants, you often have onions with meat It's sweet when baked and perfect as a beer snack! Boil You can boil the onions to make chrome onions This is a nutritious recipe! Peel, boil and strain Butter, soft flour, onion water, milk, mix Pour the cream over the boiled onions and it's done! Baking Oh dear

Put the cheese on the cream onion Heat in the oven at 240 degrees for 5 minutes and it's done! pickles There are various recipes, but my favorite one is Red onion + apple liquor 250ml Honey 2 tbsp Sato 3 tbsp Pour into sliced ​​onions and it's done! How to cut onions Onions are a good practice material for learning knife skills

Of course, when talking about onions, I have to talk about how to cut and not cry The easiest way to do this is to soak the onions in water for about 5 minutes before cutting them It is also effective not to cut the root until the very end How to cut onions Half slice slice slice onion Half-cut vertical cut Horizontal cut Chopped shop onion Half-cut cross-cut dice onion Half cut, half cut Petal onion Half-cut vertical cut onion links That's the end of the video! Now, if you have some onions left in the kitchen, try what you've learned I learned a lot by making this video! I hope you guys watched this video and learned a lot

Make another cooking video using all the onions left from today After finishing this, I will continue to study the next material I've been eating only onion foods for the past few weeks, so I really want to move on to the next ingredient! Thank you for watching until the end I look forward to working with you Enjoy your meal safely within the quarantine period

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