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How to Prepare & Cook Yaprax / ئامادە کردن و لێنانی یاپراخی سلێمانی سڵق



Preparing Courgette or ( Zucchini ) Preparing Aubergine or ( Eggplant ) Preparing Tomatoes Preparing Green Pepper Preparing Onion Frying them all, Little bit Washing and Adding Parsley Chopping Onion into Small Pieces and Frying them Adding Parsley,too Washing the RICE Properly Adding Salt to the Rice after Washing it Then Adding the Fried Onion,Parsley Adding,Chili pepper Adding,Tomato Purée Adding,Cooking Oil Start Mix them all Start Adding Riceetcto the Chard ( Swiss Chard ) Add Water then cover then Pan with a Plate Start the Cooker for at least an hour and a Half Ready to be Served , EnjoyThanks for Watching

Source: Youtube

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