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Do you ever find yourself in a pickle? But honestly, do you ever find yourself in a pickle? I say weekly I have just three empty jars of pickles just popping in my fridge I love pickles! I'm not even joking, I really do love pickles

But what do you do with the leftover brine? Pickle juice, pickle brine – they're the same thing So I'm going to show you 3 recipes to use dill pickle juice, and bread and butter pickle juice Let's start with the first one – I'll see you guys later Oh wait, there's one in there boop dada boop da looda loo Let's just go ahead and eat this, I don't think I can do this without finishing this little little guy

All right, that's ready – pickle brine, pickle juice here it is I'm gonna pickle some red onions You could do any kind of onion you like, I'm gonna cut this baby up Just take off the root That's how my grandma used to say root

Even though she's from Michigan – I don't think that's how they say it there But here we are I'm gonna cut it, take off the skin I like using red onion which I really want to lobby for it to be called purple onion, because it's not red So this purple onion, because it gets like, it just turns a pretty color

I like how it looks, and I am very vain when it comes to vegetables Try and thinly slice it as best you can, and go low and slow or just look slow You don't have to get low on this one, we're not dropping it I'm also doing it in half moon so it fits easier in the jar We're gonna add some of these

and then I want to add some sweetness, like when I make just a basic pickled red onion I want to do some sort of vinegar, salt, and some sort of sweetness So this already has the salt, and the vinegar and garlic So I'm gonna add some sweetness with coconut sugar You can use maple syrup – you could use honey You could use whatever you want, I like coconut sugar because I think it just feels fancier I'm gonna do a couple tablespoons

Put the lid on before I add the rest of the onions I'm gonna shake it up Great, alright let's add the rest of the onions and you're probably thinking, as we all do, what are these gonna be used for Meg? What can I use these for? Put it on a sandwich, put it on a burger, put it on tacos! It's like I just learned about tacos I'm like put it on tacos! Let's top this, give it a little shake as well You just want to make sure they're fully submerged, they're fully covered by the brine Pop this in the fridge for two to three days

The longer it sits the more flavor it gets Okay next one, let's just keep this pickle process going Never throw away your jars – I also don't throw away my actual jars, I keep them and I make dressings in them My husband's like can you throw away a jar, and I was like can you give me a minute So I crushed this last weekend, so here's my third jar of pickle juice to this one I'm gonna add some dill, bay leaves, and little green beans They're also called haricot vert

They're spelled like Herot vert Herot vert, right? Harry yacht, haricot vert

But they are pronounced haricot vert – I think I'm saying it correctly But if you don't want to use green beans you could do asparagus, broccoli, or cauliflower Cocktail wienies? That would be crazy, but I would like to see that

Some dill I'm gonna add a couple bay leaves as well, and then I'm gonna add my green beans I'm gonna have then sticking up like this – just put them in, and then this is where it gets fun you kind of tuck them in like pickles in a pickle jar So these are raw you, don't need to blanch them, you don't need to do anything to them The longer they sit, they get pickled flavor obviously but they stay crunchy So you bite in and you're like *crunch* My favorite

Nobody wants a soggy green bean So just take your time Tuck them in Try and push them down so they're submerged in the liquid This one won't fully submerge, so what I do is fill it up and then for one day I keep it like this and then the next day I flip it – obviously the lids on it

I flip it so then these little guys get the brine as well, and then the next day I flip it back up so everyone gets a dip in the pool – the pickle juice pool Other ways to use pickle brine, my favorite way is in a Bloody Mary Or a pickle back Or when I have the worst acid reflux – the only thing that works is to take a shot of pickle juice I know it sounds crazy, it has to be dill pickle not sweet not bread and butter But I'm just in the fridge just taking a shot of pickle juice and I swear it always helps my acid reflux – try it

Okay guys I think you're all fit in So like I said start it in the fridge like this, then do it a day like this, then do another day like this so it all gets brined out and if you're worried about this leaking put it under a bowl, in a bowl or a plate So you don't wake up and have brine all over your fridge That's never ever happened to me Oh another great way to use pickle brine, fried chicken

Add it to your marinade with your fried chicken before you bread it and before you get all fried with it It is so good – trust me All right last but not least my bread and butter pickles I'm gonna make a slaw out of this baby, with just a little cabbage I think this is one head, it's about 8 cups But if you made slaw before or ever worked with cabbage, you know that it starts to wilt down when you add a dressing or especially when you cook it, it wilts down to like nothing

So once we add the dressing in the sauce over this, it'll go like *shrinking noises* So you start with a lot but you don't end up with a ton Let's make the dressing, I'm going to use about a half a cup of the bread and butter pickle brine – Pickle liquid, pickle juice Tamari – you could use low sodium soy sauce, you can use coconut aminos I like tamari it adds a nice salty bite to this A couple tablespoons

And fish sauce; if you've never worked with fish sauce It is a magical little being, it has a flavor like no other You can't really replicate it I did read somewhere that they make a vegan fish sauce So if you want to make this and you're vegan, give it a shot let me know how it goes! But don't add too much, too much is not good About a tablespoon or two

Chili flakes; and the tamari has salt in it but I like to add just a little bit of salt and some pepper Also the thing with slaw – I add the sauce, I let it sit for a little bit, I toss it, I let it sit, I taste it and then I can always add more tamari, or salt ,or fish sauce I think it needs it If you see this is a Mayo-less slaw; I mean I love mayo, but I kept it out of this one Keeps it really light Set this aside, I'm gonna chop up – I have three green onions or scallions; then I'm just gonna slice them on a hard bias

Okay that's ready, now obviously I can't mix in this bowl because it's gonna make a mess Get a large bowl – in go, well I'm gonna hold back some of this, in goes my cabbage Once this starts to wilt down and break down a little bit, I can add some more I have three thinly sliced Persian cucumbers; you can do English cucumbers I like these because they're little

My green onions Let's add the dressing, the sauce It smells so good – if you add a little lime juice, that'd be good! I mean this would still be good if you wanted to add Mayo – not gonna turn my nose up at some Mayo Let's just give this a toss I like to leave my slaw out on the counter for a little bit, so I toss it, I let it sit ,and I toss it again, then I let it sit

Feels like I'm making a school lunch; come on kids Do I love a summer picnic; and this would be great because once again no mayo So you don't have to worry about it sitting out too long I also would love this as like a side dish to a little pork belly bun, you know – have this as the side dish It's kind of versatile; a little spicy, slightly sweet from the bread and butter pickles and just finish off with some black sesame seeds

I love the little pop of color that it adds to this I think if I added white sesame seeds you wouldn't see it, it just kind of melts away So that's why I added the black sesame seeds Okay let this sit for about ten minutes, give it another stir You can already see that it's starting to wilt down a little bit – let it sit

Give it a stir, let it sit, give it a stir – the longer it sits the better it gets So this has been sitting for a little bit, you can see that it's reduced by about half It's really soaked in those flavors I want to give it a little try *mmm* It's really light, salty and a little sweet, tangy – my kind of slaw I'm into this

I want to show you the green beans – they kind of look the same But these have been sitting for a couple days, they're still bright green They still have that snap; and then also my red onions they're nice and beautifully red They kind of stained the liquid a little bit; the coconut sugar did that, but so did the onions If you liked this video please subscribe, comment

Let me know if you have some cool ideas on how to use pickle brine I'm always looking for them because you know I love pickles and I always have brine All the products that I used you can find at thrivemarketcom/prepschool Enjoy! Happy cooking! Let's talk about pickles baby, let's talk about you and me let's talk about all the pickles, and all pickles *laughs*

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