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Funny how the story goes little hope but bigger dreams, they try to bring us up you down singing louder than the crowd Alright guys I want to get ready to go ahead and head over to the clients house and go ahead and start day 2 on her kitchen cabinets come along and keep on watching to see what's up next getting ready to head out looks like we got some packages yaaas it must be for the South Padre trip, aye, aye, so I'm excited! Okay guys so from here what I'm doing is this is step two you guys saw it in the first vlog, but here's a closer look at step two and applying the bond coat, and so pretty much the bond coat is a formula to provide maximum adhesion like the wood and laminate surfaces and they recommend that you do two coats it's really important to make sure you have the full coverage you don't want the old wood to seep through and be very noticeable so one coat won't cover it you're gonna need two and before you apply the bond coat it's also important to make sure you wipe all the frames and the doors and the drawers and you have to use a lint-free cloth because this will remove any dirt or residue that's left on the surface you don't want to have any of that mixing in with your paint so once you do that you also want to go ahead and tape the inside edges of all the cabinet frames and the edges of the walls and any appliances just make sure everything is taped down you want to press really hard down on the edges make sure nothing's bleeding through you also want to make sure that you have a good quality brush, the brush that I'm using here is the wooster it's a 2 inch brush and it's for all paints and stains so it has a really good quality it is a bit more on the pricier side I think these brushes typically run about at least twelve bucks and up but get a really good finish with this brush so it's worth spending that extra money because it'll give you a really good flawless look and you want to also turn sure like the best looks you want to use up and down brushstrokes on the frame side and use side to side brushstrokes on the rails and once the first coat completely dry after about two to three hours then you will go ahead and apply the second coat all right so we are knocking out the cabinets and it's coming along really really good those ones are finished looking good and these need another coat on top So with the decorative glaze it gives it a nice glaze feature versus everything just matte and it's not dry yet it takes about eight hours to fully dry so it won't be as shiny but this is how it looks, and I can show you versus it looking matte and it'll give it a nice little Sheen to it alright y'all so yesterday I was way too tired to cook even though it's simple and easy I was just tired you know sometimes we just get like that we just tired and we don't want to do nothing

So that's how I was yesterday, after my nose keeps running after um I got back from my client house I was just tired and didn't feel like cooking So tonight I'm going to be making the Chicken Alfredo So keep on watching and let's see what we get Alright so as y'all know right to grocery store yesterday and picked up the ingredients I'm just cutting up some chicken breasts the noodles the sauce got my seasoning here and so let's get started Alrighty So first we're going to start with the chicken and I'm just gonna I'm not gonna do it all because the kids are not here I have three boys and they're all gone to North Carolina for the summer yes okay can we just take a moment and let that sink in, three kids are gone for the whole summer, thank you lord GOD is good that we got a village that is able to help us out like that, so let me go ahead and rinse this off Alright my chicken is all nice and rinsed I'm just going to go ahead and start slicing it up, sli, slicing it up, you know what I'm saying Slash, dash cut another hole in you a**, throw blood on the walls Play tennis with you balls, when the phone ring, don't answer the call

I'm sorry, I'm random like that I don't know if I remember that, that was from scream or something like that it was the scary movie scream but I'm I'm always throwing in a song with words Like if I hear a certain words that trigger a song for me and I'm just going to start singing it

Oh my gosh and when we go to South Padre it's looking like it's gonna be like raining, I'm going to be so upset I still haven't even begun to pack Like, I just I don't know too much going on I've been trying to edit my video today, umm, that's going to be a process Because it is not easy editing for a YouTube video I mean I didn't think it was easy but, dang

I mean it's not that it's hard it's just time consuming that's it, just time consuming so gotta get that together for the extra piece I'm just gonna go ahead and season it up and then put it in some ziplock and eat it later this week and it's gonna be boom!! alright now I've got the chicken all cut up and rinsed now we can go ahead and start seasoning it start with some black pepper onion powder some garlic powder I do a little ginger just a little this is like one of my favs, this is all purpose seasoning garlic and herb I like to put quite a bit of this okay add some parsley Now it's looking really good and seasoned Alright! So I have my pot, and its nice and hot So I'm just going to go ahead and add my olive oil, I don't really measure so I just pretty much put enough to cover the bottom of the pan if you like it you can measure but this is pretty much how much I use I just eyeball stuff and then I'm gonna go ahead and get my wooden spoon and add my chicken and I like to use a wooden spoon so it doesn't scratch the bottom alright, so while my chicken is cooking, I'm going to go ahead and have my noodles ready alrighty so our water is at a boil, so I'm gonna go ahead and my noodles I like to put a little coconut oil in my water to keep the noodles from sticking together

and it also give it a nice little taste! so yeah, I like to do that gonna add some peppaaa and I'm still going at add like, a dash of salt alright y'all so here I'm gonna add a little onion powder and a little garlic powder because I do like for my noodles to also have some flavor and not be like so bland so that the noodles and the meat can have some flavaaa, you know what I'm sayin okie doke! wait for that alright, so now our noodles are pretty much almost done I'm going to go ahead and pop these bad boys in, so by the time there are done the food will be done and those are the bread sticks that I like okay here I'm gonna be adding the alfredo sauce gonna go ahead and put some of that in there and I'm also going to add my additional seasonings because what they have in the can I mean it's good but it's just not enough for me like I need to taste the burst of flavor you know! so I'm gonna be adding some more of that all-purpose seasoning garlic and herb go ahead and put that in there and don't be scared you know put it in there get in there yeah yeah get in now yeah yeah all right and so gonna go ahead and add some of that add a little more onion powder garlic powder and stir it on up! here is the and got my chicken alfredo Caesar salad breadsticks my wine how it tastes babe? taste like Olive Garden, yaas that's what I'm talking about almost forgot my Alfredo sauce with my bread okay guys so we're back at my client's house and today we're going to be working on the cabinet frames we did your doors um the day before so now I'm going to go ahead and work on the frames and gonna pretty much do the same steps all over so starting with the deglosser you're gonna scrub really really hard to make sure you're getting up all that previous shine and sheen so that the bond coat can really adhere to the surface next I'm just taking a wet cloth and wiping it and then drying it with a dry cloth and just remember whenever you're painting with wood you want to make sure you're painting with the wood grain and it's very important but if you're using regular laminate cabinets it doesn't have wood then you it really doesn't matter however you still want to ensure that the brushstrokes are all going in one direction okay y'all so I just finished at my clients house, so now I'm finna fo run a few errands for the day because South Padre is tomorrow eoooow! yaaaas! you know what I'm sayin! so I'm like super excited about that I just got the hype real quick but yes that's happening tomorrow so there's a few things that I need to grab for the trip, still ain't packed but it's alright because I don't even need much you know, and I'm kind of annoyed because I looked at the forecast South Padre and why is it raining and cloudy the whole time I'm just like why I want the Sun I'm gonna feel the Sun on my body I'm want to be like on the island with the Sun nobody want to be on the island with the damn shade, what the hell so little annoyed by that but other than that so yeah that's pretty much it for today I'm just going to be editing my videos and stuff think about packing but I know I probably won't, until tomorrow so that's the plan Y'all have seen me in nothing but painter close this whole time because I've just been back and forth to my client house I'm like what's the point of changing I don't have time for that so I just been in my painting clothes the whole day running errands and stuff but oh well it doesn't really matter go with the flow but I will be dressed then looking good models well we're not leaving til midnight tomorrow night so Friday pretty much and it's going to be a car ride road trip with the homies so that's gonna be fun annnd ummm what elsethat's pretty much it oh and also I'm using the batteries that I got off Amazon for my Cannon and G7x mark ii and I ordered two more batteries and that's what I'm using now they're working pretty good so that was a win two batteries for like $40 something plus charger and I can charge both batteries at the same time yes I will take it and it's working so now I have three batteries I should never go dead HAHAHA!

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