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How To Spatchcock Chicken For Sous Vide – Step By Step Guide



Do you want a spatchcock, a chicken, so you can cook the entire thing evenly, either sous vide style and the oven, uh, for roasted chicken grilled, or maybe even for barbecue chicken or in the smoker Well, today I'm going to walk you through exactly how to spatchcock chicken

Uh, actually my husband's going to be in the video using his hands because he used to be a chef And he's really, um, I don't know, into doing these sort of projects with me So anyways, I'm going to show you exactly how to spatchcock a chicken so you can sous vide it or cook it another way evenly without having to worry about the air flow and any issues that come up when you're cooking an entire chicken intact So let's get right to it Subscribe to the sip bite go channel on YouTube, to see other easy ways to do food prep and delicious sous vide recipes

Before you get out those kitchen sheers, you need to clean up the spatchcock chicken for sous vide or grilling or barbecue So what you're going to do is just rinse it out and then you can Pat it dry So later it'll take on the herbs and spices that you use to season the chicken And once it's out of the packaging, it's going to really expand before you get to butterflying the chicken So let's walk out, walk through how to spatchcock the chicken you're going to need to get out some sharp kitchen sheers

And what you're going to do is flip the chicken So the chicken breast side is down That'll bring the backbone up So you're able to cut it out So you cut along the backbone on one side and then you cut along the backbone on the other side, um, make sure not to cut the bone

And as you can see, using really sharp sheers is pretty critical So you can make a nice even cut It does get slippery when you're doing this So you fully remove the backbone and you could also just, I mean, you could discard it, or if you're like us, you could put it in a bag in the freezer that is for making chicken stock later But anyways, so you get that bone out of the there, and then you flip over the chicken and you have to really push it down and you kind of break the bones

So they completely flatten out See you can't just cook the chicken in its original shape because it's not going to cook evenly And this is the fastest way to make sure you can cook the entire sous vide chicken evenly So it comes out beautifully when it's done in the sous vide bath Now I know that, you know, sous vide is often how I finish a lot of my food

I am assuming cookbook author, and I do love doing it as a hobby, but there are other ways to enjoy it It's much easier to cook on a grill Once you spatchcock the chicken, you can also roast in the oven and a cast iron skillet You could put it in a smoker There are so many things that you can do, but this is really going to help to do this spatchcock prepping step by step

Like I just showed you, it only takes a couple of minutes and then your chicken will cook more evenly Well for more delicious recipes and ideas for food prepping, including ways to just go grocery shopping one month at a time Well, you can head over to sit by, gocom and don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the sip bite go channel on YouTube until next time I hope you have a wonderful and delicious day cheers! Oh, and don't forget to pick out another YouTube video for the sip Bay, go channel to watch

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