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How to use a Coqopan® to roast a chicken.



I'm going to show you how to use my invention the Coqopan It's a really quick and really easy way to roast a chicken

First of all you'll need to pre-heat your oven to 190 degrees centigrade if it's a fan oven, 210 degrees centigrade for conventional, or gas mark 8 Also, you'll only be using one shelf set at its lowest position otherwise you may not get the chicken in the oven To calculate the cooking time weigh the chicken yourself; don't rely on the packaging information because some supermarkets just give an approximate weight and you need to know the exact weight Allow two minutes for each hundred grams plus an extra 10 minutes This one weighs 1

3 kilos: that's 1300 grams, so I'm going to give it 26 minutes plus the extra 10, making a total of 36 minutes So, I've preheated the oven and I've calculated the cooking time All that needs to be done now is to pour half a litre of cold water into the base tray, cover it with the lid, sit the chicken on the cone and put the whole thing into the oven 36 minutes later I've got a perfectly roasted chicken cooked on a Coqopan

Source: Youtube

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