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I'm Jess Dang and today I want to walk you through our meal plan service to make sure you're taking full advantage of all of its great features So here we are in the menu for the week of August 6th 2018 and the first thing you want to do when you get your new menu, which happens every Thursday, is just kind of scroll through and see what meals you are going to make for the week

Gosh, everything this week looks really good I'm going to go ahead and make all of it And so all you do is click the Make button And that'll automatically update your grocery list as you can see here And then for each of the meals you have the option of making the original, gluten-free, paleo or vegetarian option, because we want to let you eat, how you want to eat every single night

So everything here looks good but I think I'm going to try, actually, I'm going to try the paleo version of the Green Gazpacho So here I am And it's Almond Meal Crusted Chicken Cutlets that sounds so good And I'm going to make a little bit extra to have lunch leftovers of that I'll say I'm going to do six servings of that

And let's say you're feeling extra ambitious for the week or you're looking to replace one of the meals you're not that excited about We make that super easy too So click on this Add a Meal button and it'll bring up our archives And if you have any meals that you favorited, those will show up first But otherwise everything will just show up in sequential order

And you know I think I'm really feeling a steak this week I want to get on the grill and grill a steak I'm going to go ahead and add this meal here, and it will show up just like the other ones You can make the same options And of course, click the Make button to make sure your grocery list gets updated with it

So let's go over to our grocery list and see what that looks like We've got five meals we're making And then we've color coded and given letters to, as a key, to all the meals So that you can see how they correspond to the particular items on the grocery list And then, of course, we've organized it based off of your typical grocery store layout

And if you scroll to the very bottom you'll see that you can get all these ingredients delivered on instacart You can go ahead and click this button, it'll push the grocery list over there And then you can make the decision on what grocery store you want these delivered from And so forth And then, of course, you can also check off the things you have

I have all these spices already, I've got a pretty well stocked spice drawer so I'm all good here And then you can print your grocery list or you can email it to yourself so you have it handy in your email app as you're shopping I know a lot of people are all about meal prep these days So if you are about it, if you love getting ahead, check out the weekend prep section It shows you all the things that you can do to get ahead for the week so that you start off the week on a really good stress- free way

These are totally optional steps But if you want to do them, you will definitely it'll definitely make the week a lot breezier and easier

I didn't mean rhyme there So print, email, that's pretty self-explanatory I'll skip that But what we'll do next is actually go into a day and see what that looks like So let's say it's Monday and you're ready, all ready to tackle those Grilled Pork Tenderloin, seems, sounds so good

So you can see here, this is a very well reviewed, very well reviewed meal We've got the ingredients listed here And then we list everything as Prep Steps and Make Steps And the reason we do that is we really feel that if you kind of get in the habit of getting organized before you start cooking, making, doing these prep steps it'll make cooking so much easier for you This is kind of the way that professional chefs do it

We want to kind of help you adopt that mentality And anything you see with a video icon here means that you can click on it and it'll show you a really short, fun technique video so that you're improving your cooking skills while you're making dinner These are also really fun videos for kids to watch if you want to include your kids in the kitchen These are perfect little bite-sized videos that they will easily be able to digest and sit through And so one other thing, couple other things I want to show you

For those of you who are really into your nutrition or macros and tracking on all that you can send your recipes over to my MyFitnessPal Just make sure to look at the way they've scraped the ingredients Sometimes they're a little funky about how they do that So just check, check on that first before you hit save And then we have this really kind of a one-of-a-kind, you know like, I haven't seen this on any other recipe site

Our smart nutrition label So if you are someone that really likes to dig into your macros or you want to lower your fat or your cholesterol or carbs or whatever it is, you can click in and see where that particular macros, what ingredients that's coming from So in this case, there's some pasta, some uncooked tortellini that's contributing to carbs So if you want to really like lower your carbs you can reduce that If you want, you know, same thing for fats

You can kind of see what is contributing to the fat here So super fun if you want to kind of get more educated on ingredients and macros and we also have Weight Watchers points for those who participate in that program And after you've made a meal please click I Made This so that it'll add it to your I made this portfolio And then you can share that with all your friends Make them super jealous about all the meals that you're making

And that also helps us grow So please do that And then you can, of course, please leave a review We love hearing from you We read, actually we read all of your reviews because it helps us improve

So leave a review So that we can continue creating the meals that you want to be eating So that is pretty much it We really hope that all these features are really easy to use, but also, of course, make your life in the kitchen a lot easier and make dinner time a lot more fun Thanks again for trying Cook Smarts! We really appreciate it

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