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How well does Yoonah cook? [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG, IND/2020.05.05]



I'll make the egg garnish now (Yoonah's hidden weapon) The hidden card

Abalone innards The hidden card – I guess you have to use innards / – Innard garnish Sounds delicious

(To the cleaned abalone innards) (Egg, batter, pepper) This egg garnish is like a real dish Abalone innard egg garnish – Since it's good for you / – Right, and savory It's like an innard pancake

– Stir-frying it / – Cooked raw just like that – Without stir-frying? / – I've never seen that before Wow, that looks delicious That looks really good

That's an amazing idea The innard egg garnish was really tasty I made garnish with innards – It was so good / – Did you see it somewhere? No, I came up with it

That's a real idea (How does the innard egg garnish taste?) It's so tasty (Of course it's good) It tastes like innard fried rice It's savory and makes a really groundbreaking dish It's so good

You could just sell this (She could stop talking now) It was so good That's a really great idea I want to try it (She begins the innard garnish) This is what I'm considering

If I roll it in Ecklonia cava, will it actually work? (The final highlight ingredient) Ecklonia cava I love Ecklonia cava (Lots of seaweed grows on the west coast) (It's somewhere in between green laver and laver) (It's such a delicacy with rice) (Ecklonia cava) Ecklonia cava seems special That aroma of the ocean They don't have those rolls at the convenience store

(She fills it earnestly with good ingredients) It's good with lots of carrots (And the innard garnish) That looks really good (And even stir-fried abalone) I'm getting so hungry now Rice rolls are all about effort They sell heaps of rice rolls at convenience stores

I know (The birth of a dark horse) That Ecklonia cava rice roll looks so good! I have a good feeling about this It looks so delicious After the Taean Noodle Soup, will we release the Ecklonia cava rice rolls? (The taste of rice rolls made with Ecklonia cava) It's going to be big today She'll do something big on her first appearance

It tastes so luxurious (Such a common scene) What do I do? It feels like you're treating your mouth – That looks so good / – I know It doesn't taste like rice rolls – with the abalone

/ – I think I'd try making this It tastes like a fancy dish, not rice rolls Yeah, that would taste really fancy (Abalone rice roll made with Ecklonia cava) Min Let's hurry and eat

Do you want rice rolls? No Why not? Does he not like it? My son Min (Because the rice rolls took so long) Instant noodles! (He couldn't take it and had to eat instant noodles) I don't let him eat it, so he tells me to go away

– Why? Are you upset with me? / – He's anxious He thinks you'll take it He wants to enjoy it by himself Are you upset with me? Goodbye, Mom Okay

(Please don't bother me) (His first instant noodles in a while) Now he's eating in earnest (Bouncy time) He really has fun when he eats Good food has to be eaten on that He wants to enjoy it on his own – He needs to bounce

/ – Doesn't want Mom to know – It helps to digest / – He works out as he eats (Precious instant noodles) There's this different vibe you get from eating good food alone – Right? / – You feel safe eating alone

Right, you feel secure (The person who made those noodles would be proud) Cute (Ends it with soup) He loves the soup too The soup is amazing I'd prefer him not to eat the soup

(Even adults love it) He's so happy Of course (Doesn't like the kelp) Why not eat the kelp? He's really happy right now, right? Yes He's totally pumped (Mom made up with Grandma too) – Her mom's back

/ – Her mom has returned Did you make up? There's a surprise for this day Your glass noodles don't stick together, right? Abalone glass noodles? That sounds so good The glass noodles taste so amazing Take out the meat and try it with abalone

That sounds nice – That sounds good / – I know Your mom's really talented (Same charisma as when she makes chicken feet) She seems like an amazing cook

Her mom's a great cook We make glass noodles so that they don't stick You mix oil, soy sauce, and sugar, then stir-fry Then when you microwave it, it tastes like it was freshly made (Lightly stir-fry glass noodles) In the microwave? – If you microwave it

/ – We stir-fry it like that You have to coat it That way, the noodles don't stick

They don't go bad either – Everyone likes glass noodles / – It looks so good! – Everyone likes it / – I was considering this too, since it was so delicious (Spoiler that it's so good) That would be delicious

That looks really good It looks delicious It's really delicious It's so good I was really shocked

Adding abalone to food turns it into royal cooking It's not your average taste It's super good The abalone has been seasoned well, so it's delicious Our show is changing the spectrum of Korean cuisine

I know Adding abalone to glass noodles (Minus the meat and add the abalone) It looks delicious

(Abalone glass noodles)

Source: Youtube

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