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HOW2: How to Cook a Turkey



– Happy almost-Thanksgiving, ya turkeys! Hope you're getting ready to gobble, gobble, gobble up a bunch of food (laughing) – To help you do it, today Orange and I are gonna show you How 2 Cook A Turkey! – [Orange] Well that's easy! Step One: stick a thermometer up its butt

– Ah, what? – Oh yeah, I hear about it all the time If you wanna cook a turkey you gotta stick a thermometer up its butt – What are you doing? – I'm sorry, Mr Turkey, (turkey gobbling) this has to be done! – Orange! – Hey, hey, you get back here! – Orange, Would you leave that poor turkey alone? And no buts about it! – I'll say, no thermometers about it either, apparently (turkey gobbling) – Thanks, Turkey, he got my joke

(grumbling) – Actual Step One: Preheat the oven You see, it's very important to get the temperature in your oven just right – So to get an accurate temperature you're gonna want to stick a thermometer up the oven's butt (laughing) – What, no! – Hey, hey, get back here! This is for your own good! (laughing) – Hey, hey, Orange, Orange! Even if ovens had butts, which they don't, they have dials to help you set the temperature – Oh, crafty

You got off Easy-Bake this time, Oven (laughing) – Ugh Alright, Step Two: Baste the turkey This helps keep the meat juicy (turkey gobbling) – Ooh, this is my favorite part

Hold still Turkey! Hey, hey, lemme baste you! (turkey gobbling) – Hey, you baste the turkey in the oven, dude One in the oven doesn't run around as much – Oh, you're right! That is easier, thanks for the juicy tip, Pear! (laughing) (groaning) – Well, here we are You wanna take Step Three, dude? (gasping) – You mean it? – Well, I know you're dying to say it, so just do it – Woo-hoo! Step Three: Stick a thermometer up its butt! (farting) (laughing) – Wow, alright, it's true You can stick it somewhere else though if you want

– And I almost certainly do not want! (laughing) – But it's important to make sure the meat reaches the right temperature before moving on to step four Carve the turkey – I carved mine out of Maple I'unno if I like it, my Turkey feels a little wooden (laughing) – Not that kind of carving, dude, this kind of carving

Happy Thanksgiving! – Aww, thanks Pear Happy Thanksgiving to you too In fact, I got you a gift – For Thanksgiving? I didn't know people gave gifts for Thanksgiving – Well I do

– Hey, this super long gift isn't TNT, is it? – Nope, I promise My gift is something much more from the bottom of my heart – What the, a thermometer? – Yeah! (laughing) – Hey, hey, you stay away from me! (laughing) Orange! (upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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