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HUNGRY for PRANK WARS ! 7 Funny Food Recipes and Summer Life Hacks



Greetings, fellow pranksters! Is your sister addicted to the food that you make? Annoyed by your friend that is constantly asking you to share your treats? Or maybe you just love seeing your folks’ creeped-out faces? It’s time to unveil those hidden prank secrets! Let the prank wars begin! Wow, since when is Jacob generous enough to share candy? The force is just too strong on these chocolate bonbons! You know the feeling when the craving for a sweet is so strong that you could just eat a bonbon along with all the wrapping? Okay, obviously, you girls have never had a craving this strong, huh! [chuckle] You gonna eat that? Is the plastic wrap really that tasty? Or are you out of your mind, Jacob??? Pour 400 milliliters of water into a pot Add 10 grams of gelatin 25 milliliters of glycerin

Mix it up while boiling Throw a spoonful of this mixture onto a flatter surface Spread it out And let it dry Now be careful with this layer, it’s really thin

Use a toothpick to lift it off the plate Now take that yummy chocolate bonbon and wrap it in this edible wrapping It’s gelatin after all! But the girls don’t know about this, right? They just think that Jacob has gone mad Why don’t we… Eat some berries instead? Hey, Emma, I know this ice cream’s so distracting, but your shoelaces are untied Just letVictoria… hold it for you… [evil chuckle] Ok, where were we? Hey there…

You’re lookin’ cool and sweet today! It’s not creamy! It’s not even ice cream! Don’t worry, folks It’s just buttercream frosting! With a bit of icing sugar Let’s mix it all up Nice and blue! Now scoop out an ice cream ball and put it inside a waffle cup Make it look the same as the one that you’re about to buy for your friend! [chuckle] What is that?? Well, Victoria wanted to have a bite of your ice cream as well, but did not want to leave you empty-handed! So, where were we? Oh, I see you, sitting there chewing that bubble gum that you will share with Lucas! Thank you! Sharing is caring, darling! Hey there, hun, oh, Lucas wants some chewing gum as well! Okay, fine, have some

Ah, so generous of you! Sharing is caring, you say, huh? Let’s empty out a glue tube Be sure to clean it properly as well! Use a precision knife to cut out the bottom of it Now get your chewing gum ready! No, we won’t try to hide it Soak it in water, just enough to form a lump like this one And now you can put it inside the glue tube! Just be sure to conceal the bottom—otherwise, it may look suspicious

It’s okay to use clear tape for that Hey there, Emma! Oh, I see you chewing that gum over there! Wanna share? Oh, well, you see, Emma found an alternative to chewing gum! Wanna try? It says “white glue” on it… Um, Emma, you must be joking What…? What???? YUM! It’s sugar-free too! [chuckle] Well, this should repel those annoying gum beggars! Do you still want that bubble gum, Lucas? [chuckle] Ah, just Jessica and fried eggs! Right! Coffee! Aaaand here comes Emily How could you resist something as delicious and unattended as this fried egg? Mmm, mm, mm! Yuuuum! Emily?! What are you doing here? Perfect morning breakfast ruined! Let’s hope that Emily finds THIS meal as appetizing as the previous one that she stole The smell sure attracts her quickly

But the color… What’s up with that?! Well, you see, SIS, Jessica found this very special recipe that should go well with her diet! Is it even edible, though? Let’s find out! Separate the egg yolk from the whites Add a small drop of green food dye And mix it Let’s begin the frying process! Just don’t forget to bring the yolk back into action! And voila! Bon appetit! Well? Do you want a bite of this, Emily? Oh well! More for Jessica! It is… banana time!~ Yum! Yum! Oh, yummy! Whoops! No time to clean up, gotta go! Banana peel on the floor? And someone slipping on it… Ah, the classics never die… Emma… But this isn’t how it’s gonna end, right, Victoria? Just leave this banana for your dearest friend who is about to come back from classes Oh yes, back to the banana times! Hold on… Bananas aren’t supposed to be green! Yep, you’re right! Add a cup of banana juice

80 grams of gelatin A drop of green food dye And mix it all up Now slice a line on the banana peel And remove the yummy part

Emma never deserved it anyway! Cover the peel in tape so it keeps its form Use a syringe without a needle to pour the green mixture into the banana peel Just be sure to fill it! Put it into the fridge to cool it And there you have it! Is it a cucumber? Or an alien banana? Why is it green??? Don’t you see it, Emma? It’s as yummy as a normal banana, meant to give you the creeps, not to poison you Sugar, spice, and everything… nice

All these ingredients plus Chemical X were chosen, to create the perfect… Thumbs Up!!! So don’t forget to smash that Like button, Crafty Pandas! Subscribe to our channel and leave a comment down below! Sweet and delightful-looking milkshakes are waiting for Jessica and Madison, who hasn’t arrived yet I bet she’ll arrive in no time as soon as she sees the pictures! Urgh, typical Madison Now, we wait I wonder what exactly she meant by “almost there” The ice cream has already melted… No sense of timing whatsoever

She wrote you this message, like, an hour ago! Madison obviously doesn’t have enough of a sweet tooth First, drink up the shakes all by yourself Your friend never deserved it anyway Start filling up the glass with mayonnaise! My sauces tell me that this dessert will only work as a sweet revenge plan for Jess… Put some colorful sprinkles on top, disguise it as a sweet snack! Make a couple of those, but I wouldn’t recommend eating it [chuckle] And now, we wait some more

Oh, look at her, running and panting as if she ran a marathon just now And yes, Madison, this is… for you You must be egg-sauce-ted after such a run! What is this?! YUCK! Oh, honey, this is Jessica’s sweet revenge plan! Be sure to be on time next time if you wanna have a taste of an actual sweet milkshake Emma just got a short recess to grab a quick snack It would be a shame if someone popped in and asked to grab a piece or two… “Go ahead, Jacob, it’s not like we have other any options

” Seriously dude??? This is such a bummer We need to teach this guy a lesson Grab any of your leftover snack packs and temporarily remove half of the contents inside Now drop a handful of gummy worms Pull back the first half of the chips inside in order to cover the top

Lay down the bag and use baking paper with a hair straightener to seal the snack pack back again It’s not going to look perfect but for a hungry guy, I'm sure it will do the trick Now, just sit tight as bait and wait for your prey “Here you go, Jacob, we bought a whole new packet just for you!” “Just don’t choke on the worms, okay?” [chuckle] “Sweet dreams, it’s about time you learned your lesson!” Hey, Naughty Pandas, I hope you enjoyed these fun Pranks Let us know which of them you’re gonna use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more, feel free to check out our older videos

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