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Hello and Namaste to everyone Welcome to my channel Today I am going to show you how my husband cooks food for both of us Hello! Hello Ok he is cooking He is going to start now He has already prepared all the things here

He likes to chop them first and then he will do cooking later This is how he cooks Its really different from my cooking I like to do everything together at the same time Ok He has already put some oil and what did you add? this is cumin whole cumin and always you have to remember to turn this on AH ! okIts fine So , he is going to cook chickpeas and potato curry and he has already prepared rice we gonna turn this on later on before 15 minutes we eat Today is my day I am free today

As you can see He is cooking and I am free It is lockdown special This is benefit of lockdown OK, after fry onion he added he added potatoes he is frying them now He is adding turmeric

Usually we both like to have a glass of warm water in the morning So, I am boiling water Once the water cools down we will drink it Let the water cool down first What have you done here? He has added potatoes and he is adding tomatoes now

How is the cooking going? Its going good Hopefully, it will be tasty Ok guys, let me tell you one thing My husband , he cooks very rarely but when he cooks,he cooks very delicious I don't what he adds in his cooking, that's a secret about him, that I don't know

He has added water already Now, he is , are you going to put that lid on? No, on the top Our water is ready now We are going to drink it Stay safe , be health, help your wife Cheers! This is how my garden looks from my kitchen

while my husband is cooking, I am going to some walk in my garden These are the flower pots that we painted our self You might have seen this in our previous video And there are some remaining flower pots This is just a single flower in my garden at the moment

I have planted some flowers but they need some time to grow He is going to make tomatoes pickle There are three boiled tomatoes, some sesame seeds, some red burnt chillies, and some salt Are you excited? Yes I hope it's good Pickle is ready now

This is how its looks He is going to turn on rice now He always like to turn on rice just before 15 minutes we eat Rice is getting cooked and we are going to so some walk Trying to loose some weight,hopefully

This is Nepalese game called chungi My husband is really good at this Its my turn now see, this is how I play I can't play this at all 5, not bad The food is ready

Rice and this is pickle This is chickpeas and potato curry Hmm, this is really nice Do you like it? yes Let me try pickle now This is nice too

We are going to have our food now We will be busy in eating So, see you in the next video Take care

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New Cookery Recipes
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