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Hyderabadi Ramdan Special Kheer Making Video – Muslim Vermicelli Kheer Recipe – Indian Sweets Making



Vermicelli 150 grams CreamOr Pure Milk 1 Liter Add 4 Spoons Of Pure Buffalo Ghee Fry The Cashew And Kismis (Dry Graps) Till Golden Brown Fry The Vermicelli In The Same Pan Till Golden Brown Crush 4 Or 5 Cardamom (Elaichi) With 2 Spoons Of Sugar Cardamom Gives Very Good Flavour For Kheer In The Same Pan Heat The Milk For 15 Minuts In Low Flame Add Some Food Colour (Optional) Add The Crushed Cardamom Powder And Cook It For 5 Minuts Milk Becomes Thick After 5 Minuts Add 350 Grams Of Sugar For 1Liter Of Milk Cook It For 10 Minuts (Make Sure The Flame Must Be In Low For This Recipe) After 10 Minuts Add The Fried Vermicelli Cook It For 10 Minuts Afer Adding Vermicelli Add The Fried Dry Fruits And Surve It Please Share The Video And Please Support My Channel By Subscribing Thank You

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