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I Let The Internet Choose My Vegan Recipes For A Week


[UltraVid id=479 ]come at me freely actually don’t it really hurt my feelings last time but [Music] hey guys what’s up you know we need to talk about something I made a huge mistake and you’re like oh my god you Candace you’re perfect and I’m like I know right but I will admit I did a video not too long ago where I tried to be vegan and I really up here’s the deal I tried the vegan diet for a week I got destroyed by a lot of vegans and people were not happy with me I’ll admit I messed up that was a lazy approach to veganism it was also very uninformed but I think the main mistake I made was that I looked at veganism as a diet rather than a lifestyle I could have done it better I was on a very tight deadline and I think I just kind of threw it together and it was a very bad subject choice to do lazily I say that here’s the deal I know I forked up on the vegan thing so I’m gonna try to get and this time I’m letting the Internet choose my vegan recipes I know that this is a lifestyle change it can take time for a lot of people I really want to give this another go an honest go at it I want to see what foods I was missing but also learn about how to work with food and make it you know taste like what I’m used to I think that I came off a little negative and I shouldn’t have and you know that’s on me but hey you know what people make mistakes and I could be doing a lot worse things out there honestly okay pull so I sent out my Instagram and Twitter blurbs about trying to find some recipes and I got some good ones so this is trying veganism for a week part two alright so I really should be working out right now but I just don’t want to I’m gonna make the vegan breakfast bars that someone recommended to me and they’re supposed to be really good baking is greater than working out so I’m reading this recipe and it’s like pretty in SFW it says how the is Nature Valley still putting crumbs in bags and selling them as breakfast bars this is kind of true but I love Nature Valley [Music] y’all I just ate so many of those bars this morning I really cannot so for lunch I had a basic like Buddha bowl a lot of people wanted me to try a bootable it was really good really easy to put together and now I am about to make a recipe by pinch of YUM which is basically making curried vegetables with tofu and it’s gonna be super good and I’m excited a little spicy though look at me now vegans good morning everyone it is day 2 and I am going to be making a tofu scramble I might sneak a little bit of the strawberry bar because it’s really good [Music] I’m not I’m not really sure how this is going to taste just because of the things that went in it well hopefully I didn’t make the I mean the eggs the tofu too overpowering with the tumeric because I know that that can be a really powerful flavor mmm actually it’s not that bad and I’m living for this nutritional yeast I love it I love it so much I put in everything I would say that it is pretty close to the texture of eggs it tastes pretty good and I think it’s gonna keep me full which is important well my hair looks crazy cuz it’s windy outside thought y’all I just went in at this hotdog place in Koreatown that has always been recommended to me they have a pretty killer vegan dog apparently and I just want to show you what it looks like I’m about to go in bomb oh my god taste so bad I’m so sorry my mouth’s full I love hot dogs and this does not taste vegan shout out to you sumo dog and shout out to all the people who suggest this place all right so I’ve been doing workouts with my vegan food and I am very surprised at how full I’ve been I have not really been hungry and I think it’s just the fact that I had people give me advice a last time I was eating a lot of empty carbs I wasn’t really sure what to eat you know I wasn’t that educated and I feel like with the help of people who are actually vegans I’ve been able to eat a lot better and a lot more purposeful so I mean honestly I feel like my energy levels have been way high and great so far and it’s only been a few days so this morning Jack was so sweet and already had some chia seed pudding for me this morning so that is checked off of my list it was just made with coconut milk a little bit of chia seeds obviously some blue a little bit of sweetener and I mean that’s really all that goes initiate into chia seed pudding I just ate some chestnuts as my snack I know you’re gonna probably like the Candace what is a chestnut snack but it’s just roasted chestnuts and now I am about to embark on making a vegan sloppy joe it’s made with chickpeas and then I got some sloppy joe seasoning we’re gonna mash them up cook them have a little bit of fruit on the side and it sounds pretty easy so here’s my finished product I think I did really well this was super easy to make now you’re probably wondering why I don’t have bread I’m just kind of trying to stay off of you know a lot of that right now so I made them more into like a lettuce cups that’s really good I think I should have mashed up the chickpeas a little more but the flavors of this Avi Joe are all there and I think that this is gonna be really filling because chickpeas are a great replacement for meat your meal prepped for a couple days so good job for the person who suggested this so one of my friends who I worked with at tasty her name’s Caroline she suggested the vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe looking good so far little messy but it’s looking good essentially it’s a chocolate chip cookie without eggs and the milk is replaced with non-dairy milk so I wouldn’t say it’s um healthier let’s see what these babies look like mmm yeah baby yeah baby I can hear them sizzling the hardest part is waiting for these to cool taste test time mmm-hmm you can’t really hate this because it’s literally sugar and fat so I’m gonna take these to work tomorrow definitely recommend making these just woke up and I’m about to make a thin mint smoothie that someone suggested to me on Twitter it’s spinach mint I think a banana I gotta look it up but I just made this bad boy it does taste like a thin mint well hopefully this keeps me full but if not I might have to have snack so I have made some vegan cookie dough as a pre-workout snack and this is just chickpeas peanut butter little bit of Nilla extract and that’s about it and I put a little trivia in and then some vegan chocolate chips and it’s a really good you know protein packed snack I’m gonna be making some dinner tonight I just got out of the shower that’s why I looked a little sucked on I’m gonna be making vegan alfredo sauce this it was much requested by a bunch of different people I’m gonna do the three ingredient version which is nutritional yeast cauliflower and tofu and so I’m gonna be putting those all together you cook them and then put them in a food processor and then it should taste like alfredo sauce kind of isn’t that cool but the consistency is great I’ve added some sauteed oyster mushrooms and spinach and I’m gonna top it off with a little bit of truffle salt but I use these noodles um they’re really low calories so I can just eat as much as I want guys I was just about to get everything together and do my final recap and I’m an idiot and deleted my last day of meals which was this amazing white bean soup that someone suggested and gave me the recipe and now the footage is gone and so now I can’t show you but I’ll show this picture so you can see what it is well after that sob story I’m back I am going to save right now I was wrong I misjudged veganism I think the biggest thing was that I was just going into it completely blind to the first time and I really didn’t know the tips and tricks and what to do I thought I could just go without meat or go without animal products vegan recipes can be super simple but you can also make really cool things if you know how to use ingredients correctly and that’s really what I learned and I think being able to have a bunch of vegans recommend to me their favorite recipes it kind of helped me avoid those prepackaged vegan meats and things like that and I think that it went really well hopefully people think that my favorite thing I think I will say was the Alfredo that blew my mind and from now on I will be using nutritional yeast on everything I mean I still I still miss fish to be honest that’s just me being honest that’s not me being a dick having people tell me what to do and having people who already are really well versed in veganism instruct me on their favorite recipes it completely opened my eyes up to a new thing of food I’m really thankful for everybody who was up for giving me a second chance I really hope that you guys liked this video I really want to do a lot more content with guys telling me what to do I’m gonna have the Internet choose a lot of things for me once again I got nominated for shorty so please vote for me pretty cool please be sure to LIKE this video subscribe tell your friends tell your family leave a nice comment ok bye guys you guys are great hi

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